Standard and characteristics of the breed: golden (golden) retriever


Well, how not to fall in love with this golden fur coat!

But if in addition to beauty you see friendliness and tenderness towards children, easy temper and ability to train, the question can be put differently - What fool would prefer him another dog ?! Golden retriever "GOLDEN" in English means not only "golden". Golden heart, golden hands. So the golden retriever implies a golden character in its best and most excellent colors. The cleverest dog, bringing game.

And the color of the coat is just a coincidence. It may not be, as the standard provides shades from cream, white-cream to gold. Standard - a collection of information about the ideal dog of a particular breed.

The Golden Retriever by origin is an Englishman. Hence, differs British restraint. By nature golden (golden) retrievers are cheerful, industrious, mobile, reliable and strong dogs. In addition, he is reasonable and well educated. Innate quality is working capacity.

Стандарт и характеристики породы золотистый (голден) ретривер

And the character of the golden retriever is kind and trustful. Not too vigilant, he meets everyone who comes to the house with a friendly and cordial welcome. The Golden Retriever is not characterized by aggressiveness, but cowardice too. If they see that the owner is in danger, they will immediately come to the rescue. The head of the golden retriever impresses with irreproachable proportions. Cranial bones broad, but rough.

The head is "firmly planted". Muzzle wide, thorough. Its length is approximately equal to the distance from the temporal to the occipital bone.

Стандарт золотистого ретривера Eyes are dark brown, far set, with dark eyelids. The eye cavities are clearly marked. Nose black. Ears of moderate size, located approximately at eye level. Teeth The retriever has powerful jaws and fine even, strong teeth.

Bite - scissors, upper incisors are found on the lower, perpendicular to the lower jaw. The neck is muscular, of good length and shape. Forelegs straight and strong. Shoulders straightened with long shoulder blades. Optimum support for body weight. The front knee joints are connected to the trunk.

The chest of the golden retrievers is proportional to the strong, the ribs are widely spaced. The back should be straight. Loins are broad and muscular. Hind legs differ mobility and strength. The hock is located low. If you look from the back, it will not turn either inward or outward. Feet round, feline.

The tail makes a straight line with the back. In length, it reaches the heel and does not twist at the end. The wool of the golden retriever is straight or wavy, with a thick waterproof undercoat. All shades of cream are admissible, but no redheads! Height at withers: males 56-61 cm; Bitches 51-56 cm.


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