Laxative for dogs - benefit or harm, which is better to give?

Слабительное для собак: таблетки, народные средства

Dogs, like people, sometimes suffer from digestive problems. Often there are violations in the normal passage of processed foods through the intestine (in other words - constipation). This is due to a change in diet or unbalanced diet, in adults and aging animals, during moulting (the dog licking and swallowing lumps of wool), as well as with various gastrointestinal diseases.

Usually laxatives are given to alleviate the suffering of the animal. It is better to give preference to natural preparations that allow you to get rid of processed foods mechanically (the intestinal peristalsis does not change at the same time).

Natural laxatives for dogs

One of these is Vaseline oil. It is used in severe cases, when this is the only way out. However, it can be used for no more than 5 days (prolonged use of Vaseline oil has the opposite effect, ie it disrupts the digestive tract).

The oil is given several times a day (usually 5-6) in small portions (1 teaspoon per 5 kg of animal weight). With food, it should not be mixed, it is better to give it separately. Since the oil is viscous and dense, it easily passes through the intestinal tract and can leak out through the anal sphincter of the dog. Therefore, during the treatment it is better to cover the place of the animal with a waterproof diaper.

Laxative preparations for dogs

Special laxative preparations for dogs envelop the intestinal walls, hair lumps and hard stools, as a result of which their progress is facilitated. According to the consistency, these agents are similar to Vaseline oil (usually these are oily liquids without color, taste and smell).

The dosage of the drug is calculated on 1 kg of dog weight and applied orally. To be afraid of an overdose of a laxative preparation is not worth it, since it is usually eliminated from the body without problems.

In acute intestinal obstruction without surgical intervention is indispensable. In this case, the medicines will be appointed by the veterinarian, based on the results of surgical treatment.

Problems with digestion, intestinal obstruction and other diseases of the dog must necessarily be treated with the use of funds intended for animals. Human drugs can cause undesirable consequences. Also, do not experiment - you need to contact the veterinarian . In this case, the pet will quickly cope with the ailment and again become cheerful and active.


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