Pheromones for dogs (sedative)

Феромоны для собак

When the dog experiences stress, I want to help her, but how to do this is not always clear. For example, a pet is afraid to stay alone at home or the firecrackers and explosions are about to come, and he would be happy to yield to persuasion and not be afraid, but he can not do anything about himself. Hence, there may be a result of involuntary urination or sudden aggression. If it is known that the dog with health is all right and it just has such a stressful period, then it is possible to use pheromones for dogs. It's completely safe.

Феромоны для собак (успокоительное) On 3-5 days the nursing bitch gives out together with milk the pheromone, which ensures the interrelation of the mother and the puppy and acts on him peacefully, creates a sense of security. This sensation puppy remembers for life. This is the basis for the synthetic use of pheromone. The drug is produced in a spray and in a vial that is inserted into a socket, the active substance spreads around the room, acting on the dog soothingly, and it calms down. Pheromones in different animals, that is, pheromones for dogs, are not suitable for cats or hamsters.

Pheromones themselves are produced by special glands (anal, facial or pads of fingers) and spread in the air, and when hit on the receptors of the dog, reflexively change behavior. Pheromones do not enter the body, it is a kind of signal that everything is good and nothing to worry about.

Studies with this drug were conducted by Dr. Natalie Waren of the University of Edinburgh . In the experiment, 54 dogs participated, 37 of which were affected by pheromones, and 17 - not. A group of unfamiliar people were launched into the room, and those dogs who tried the drug were friendly and interested in strangers, unlike another group where the main behavior was aggression and barking.

When pheromones for dogs are needed

And to without the help of any medications that, no matter how much they want, affect the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, will help with the following problematic situations:

  • Когда необходимы феромоны для собак Fear of loneliness, when the dog is afraid to remain alone or bored by the owner, while she begins to howl, whine, scratch the door, gnaw items;
  • Fear of loud sounds, explosions of firecrackers, lightning and thunder;
  • Change of owner;
  • The dog itself can be cowardly and there is undesirable behavior, can rush, bark - so she defends herself, she does not know how;
  • Involuntary discharge of urine;
  • When the dog has nothing to do, it begins to lick or nibble its paws, sometimes to the point of blood;
  • When moving to a new location;
  • At early weaning from the mother;
  • When a new member of the family appears;
  • When visiting a veterinarian or an exhibition;
  • When transporting an animal.

Pheromone helps to cope with stress, removes unwanted behavior. Also helps when going to a veterinary clinic, where "fear" is in the air and the animals feel it. Many who used pheromones for dogs felt that their pets were calmer, behavior more adequate, anxiety was gone.

Types of pheromones for dogs

Pheromone is available in several forms:

  • Spray, with the help of which the litter or diaper is treated by a veterinarian ;
  • Liquid with a diffuser, it is inserted into a socket, the area of ​​action of the drug is 50-70 square meters. M;
  • A collar with pheromones, a period of 30 days.

Виды феромонов для собак

Contraindications synthetic pheromone is not present, t. To. On the chemical properties, he is similar to a pheromone of the lactating bitch. It is absolutely safe for humans, has no smell. This drug is not a tranquilizer and a drug, it is an analogue of pheromone. The only restriction - you can not spray the drug on the animal.

If the dog has undesirable behavior or it experiences stress, you can safely use pheromones, because they are absolutely safe. They can be used as a supplement to educational training. Closer to the New Year, you can use pheromones, because salutes and shots of many scare, especially dogs of small breeds. It is also necessary to use pheromones for puppies that have just been weaned from their mother, this will have a very positive effect on behavior and will calm the pet. It will help you to transfer your separation from your brothers and become accustomed to a new family.

But the use of the drug is only a temporary "wand-rescue stick". This is not a cure, but if the dog has a real problem with the behavior or urination , it is necessary to visit a cynologist or veterinarian.

The duration of the drug depends on different situations. For example, when barking in the absence of a host, urination, destructive behavior, it takes 3 months. To a puppy or an adult dog is well moved to a new house, it is worth applying for 2 months. In the New Year, a week before the battle of the chimes and a week after. When visiting a veterinarian or an exhibition one day before the event and one day after.


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