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Простуда, кашель у собак в осенне-зимний период

Cough and other autumn-winter dog diseases

How to protect a dog in the autumn-winter period from colds, after all it is an ideal time for reproduction of every possible infections
Глюкозамин хондроитин для собак: комплексы витаминов

How useful is glucosamine chondroitin for dogs?

Glucosamine chondroitin for dogs: complexes of vitamins
Полезно ли давать собаке кабачки?

Is it useful to give the dog zucchini?

Tips for cooking zucchini
Можно ли и полезно ли давать собаке отвар ромашки

Is it possible and useful to give the dog a decoction of chamomile?

Avicenna also said that the chamomile is "a useful remedy for exhaustion, because her warmth is like the warmth of an animal." In fact, the camomile is "trusted" to treat almost all infections. It is not only useful to a person. But also to the dog.

Как лечить лейшманиоз у собак

How to treat leishmaniasis in dogs?

Leishmaniasis in dogs is a widespread disease that causes protozoans of the Trypanosomatidae family
Как лечить липому у собак

How to treat lipoma in dogs?

Lipoma is a fatty tumor or adipose, which is a fairly common benign tumor in dogs.

Гидроцефалия у собак: симптомы, лечение, фото

Hydrocephalus in the dog - the causes of the disease and treatment

If in time to detect the presence of a pathology in the pet and take the necessary measures ...
Как лечить дерматомикоз у собак

How to treat dermatomycosis in dogs?

Dermatomycosis in dogs is called damage to the wool cover, the surface layer of the skin and claws. Most often they suffer from puppies.

Чем полезно лососевое масло для собак

What is useful for salmon oil for dogs?

Salmon oil is a food supplement for dogs. It is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for the animal, which in the body positively affects all metabolic processes.

Капли Чистотел для собак от клещей и блох

Drops of Purity for dogs against ticks and fleas

Cleaner Maximum - a special drop for dogs, designed to combat lice, fleas, scabies and ixodids. This is a modern product, which is highly effective with excellent safety.

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