What if the dog is afraid of the car?

Что делать, если собака боится автомобиля?

Alexander, Saratov

We bought the car a couple of months ago. Recently decided to go to the country and took a dog. Our surprise was boundless. It turned out that our dog is afraid of the car. Miraculously drove the dog into the salon, but she whined all over. What can we do to prevent the pet being afraid?

  1. To accustom a dog to the car it is necessary not during trips. Remove all flavors from the car, turn off the loud radio. Plant the dog in the salon, sit down next to you and do your own thing. For example, read a book or watch a movie on a laptop. Periodically iron the pet, talk to it and give it a delicious food.
  2. After several such training sessions, the pet will get used to the car . Then you can ride, but not more than 5-10 minutes. Take with you another member of the family who during the trip will stroke the dog and from time to time give her a treat.
  3. When the dog stops being afraid of travel, fix the result. Within a week, take him to the place of walking in the car, and after a walk, too, go home by car. Now you no longer need to feed and comfort the pet.


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