Surgery for old animals

Хирургия для старых собак
Surgery for old dogs

Any surgical intervention is associated with a certain risk. Especially - when it comes to old pets. In such cases, the possibility of carrying out the operation is considered individually. The decision to conduct the operation is made by the veterinarian after a preliminary examination.

This includes not only examination, but also urine and blood tests, x-rays and ultrasound. In addition, the history of the animal's disease is studied in as much detail as possible. If the clinical condition of the pet allows, the veterinary surgeon, as a rule, does not refuse the operation. This applies to any type of manipulation, including sterilization.

Our dog will have an operation to remove a benign tumor. But we heard that anesthesia is dangerous for old animals. Is it true or is there nothing to worry about?

Polina, Novosibirsk

It is worth noting that older animals need more serious care, both before the operation and after it. On the shoulders of the owners is a great responsibility. It is necessary to strictly observe all recommendations of veterinarians on the preparation of the animal for surgical intervention.

Depending on the planned operation, the doctors' recommendations will be different. The common rule for all is not to feed the pet the day before. In the evening, you should remove the bowl of food and leave only water in the access zone. Even if the dog is very hungry, there is no need to go to meet her: such a decision can harm the pet after and complicate the operation . Sometimes, several days or weeks before the operation, strengthening therapy is prescribed, including injections and other procedures.


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