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In this column you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions that dog owners often encounter.

Что должна уметь собака

What a dog should be able to do: 3 important teams

"We recently took a boxer's puppy home ... We just want to train a few basic teams. Tell us what the dog should be able to do."
Собака толстеет: что делать

Why does the dog get fat?

I feed my dog ​​according to the norms, painted on the package with dry food. But for some reason he is still gaining weight. What to do?
Если собака любит молоко

If the dog loves milk

I heard that dogs can not milk. But my love is very. What to do?
Что делать, если собака гадит дома?

What if the dog crap at home?

Puppy can not retrain to cope with need on the street. On a walk, he frolics, and on his return home - crap. What if the dog crap at home?
Защитите собаку от соли и реагентов на дороге

Protect the dog from salt and reagents on the road

From the salt on the sidewalks, the cracks on the paws crack in the dog. How to protect the pet from harmful reagents? When irritating the paws - rinse them in a decoction of chamomile
Что делать, если собака грызет обувь?

What if the dog gnaws at the shoes?

What if the dog gnaws at the shoes? The easiest way is to remove most of the shoes from the reach zone and switch the pet's attention to other toys
Что делать, если собака боится автомобиля?

What if the dog is afraid of the car?

What if the dog is afraid of the car? To accustom a dog to the car it is necessary not during trips. Remove all the flavors from the car ...
Праздничное угощение для собак и кошек

Festive treat for dogs and cats

What can you please the pet so that he too feels himself a part of the holiday?
Зимняя одежда собаке

Winter wardrobe for a dog

Are pets, who have wool, need additional warming?
Шерсть между подушечками лап у собак

Wool slippers in dogs

For a long time the question arises whether it is possible for a dog to grow fur between the pads of its paws. Some sources say that they do not. Others argue that this is a common phenomenon

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