A faithful dog waited for his master from the hospital - a video of a long-awaited meeting


A touching reunion - the dog meets the host after the treatment of epilepsy

Dogs have always been endowed with boundless devotion, this feature was particularly zealously demonstrated by the Stafford Bull Terrier Patch, who faithfully waited for his master from the hospital. Mark Onill, who suffers from epilepsy, was forced to undergo treatment at a hospital in London. The therapy took a whole week, which Mark had to spend in separation from the pet.

Mark's friend, Kerrigan, seeing how happy Patch meets his master, decided to shoot a warm welcome. As soon as the key turned in the doorway, the dog rushed into the arms of Onnil and began to lick it.

Home video was sent to the Scottish Charity Department for the protection of animals, after which it flew around the expanses of the Internet. Genuine emotions at the meeting of the pet and the owner gained more than 7 million views.


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