Dog at the wheel. Video

Cобака за рулем
Date: 08/02/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

Dogs have learned to drive a car

The Organization for the Protection of Animal Rights has developed a special program in which pets from the shelter are shown on the best side.

No, your eyes do not fail you! These three incredibly intelligent dogs - Monty, Porter and Ginny - are really behind the wheel of the car.

This video is part of a program that was developed by an animal welfare organization, the Society for the Prevention of Animal Violence in Oakland. Such actions were taught to dogs specially, because the program developed by this organization aims to popularize the reception of homeless animals. With the help of video, the authors want to show how intelligent and talented the pet can be.

Undoubtedly, to achieve this result, it took a lot of effort, time and, of course, refreshments. However, you will agree that the result was quite amusing. Accepted pets can become excellent friends, and their developed mental abilities allow them to teach dogs various tricks and tasks.


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