A fascinating walk through the snow of a horse and her best friend the dog

Дружба лошади и собаки

Horse and dog friendships

Charming friendship of Rita's horse and dog Balu. Their frenzied games of catch-up on the snow are the best example of the fact that true friendship knows no conventions and obstacles.

Friendship is still on a variety of forms, flowers, sizes and types! To see how two completely different kinds of animals get along - it is truly always extremely charming. Not only does this horse and dog get along, they are also best friends. This magic video, where they play together, will surely warm your heart!

Rita's young horse and Baloo's dog are running along the snow together. They certainly play, because you can see that they alternately chase each other. First runs away to Bala, and Rita has to follow clearly behind him, and then she tries to tear herself away from her furry friend. In other words, these unusual best friends play in the salon. And by their faces you can see that at that moment they are happier than ever!


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