On skateboards, on skis, on a bicycle: here active rest of dogs

На скейтбордах, на лыжах, на велосипеде: вот активный отдых собак

йога с собакой You have no one to leave your pet with when you go on an active holiday? The correct solution to this problem is to take it with you! Probably, many people have firsthand knowledge of the problem, where to put off their tailed pet, going on vacation. Not always acquaintances, neighbors and relatives are ready to come to the rescue and take care of your pet for yourself.

Watch a video about dogs that ride alongside their owners skateboarding, skiing, biking, surfing

The heroes of this video found the right solution to this problem - they did not hesitate to take the animals with them. It turned out very nice picture - the owner skateboard or ski, ride a bike, enjoy beautiful natural species, and submissive pet takes an active part in this process.

На серфе активный отдых собак So we can see dogs that, along with their owners, without any share of fear ride on skateboards, amusing others with their immediate appearance. And it does not matter which season is outside the window - summer or winter, where the owner of the animal rests - on land or at sea, a faithful four-legged friend is ready to follow his master to the end of the world and make him a wonderful company.

People and animals are true companions

Thus, you win doubly - get rid of the need to look for care for the animal, plus you get quite a worthy companion in case you have to travel alone. And, of course, such a trip simply will not be able to leave any person indifferent, will give you a lot of stick for a whole year ahead!

Смотрите видео про собак на лыжах

йога с собакой


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