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Спасение олененка

Salvation of a fawn in Long Island - the feat of a golden retriever

The owner and his dog strolled along the beach, discovering a sinking deer in the water. The Golden Retriever saved the animal, and the owner filmed the heroic process
Полдюжины самых счастливых собак

The grass is really greener here! Half a dozen of the happiest dogs

On the Internet there was a video about half a dozen dogs jumping in high grass like antelopes, which managed to become a record holder in the number of views
Как собаки ждут Рождество с рекламой Джона Льюиса

How dogs wait for Christmas with the advertisement of John Lewis

Thanks to such funny videos you can distract from negative events and make a pleasant variety in your life
На скейтбордах, на лыжах, на велосипеде: вот активный отдых собак

On skateboards, on skis, on a bicycle: here active rest of dogs

Watch a video about dogs that ride alongside their owners skateboarding, skiing, biking, surfing, enjoying nature
Хаски из Америки умеет пускать пузыри

Husky from America knows how to blow bubbles

The Husky breed dog from the United States of America learned to blow bubbles in the water and became a star of video clips on the Internet
Житель Колумбии взобрался на балкон тринадцатого этажа, чтобы спасти собаку

A Colombian man climbed onto the balcony of the thirteenth floor to save the dog

Colombian Diego Andres Davila Jimenez became a true hero of social networks after rescuing a neighbor's dog that nearly cost him his life
Роботы против собак – эпическое видео битвы

The developer of the Android system designed the robot and introduced it to his dog

Conflict between robot and dog - a funny video from Andy Rubin
Дружба лошади и собаки

A fascinating walk through the snow of a horse and her best friend the dog

Charming friendship of Rita's horse and dog Balu. Their frenzied games of catch-up on the snow are the best example of the fact that true friendship knows no conventions and obstacles.
Cобака за рулем

Dog at the wheel. Video

Dogs have learned to drive a car

A faithful dog waited for his master from the hospital - a video of a long-awaited meeting

The owner of the Bull Terrier Patcha spent a week in the hospital. The dog waited faithfully for the owner and met him with delight. Video meeting shocked more than 7 million users
Селфи палка для собаки

New development: self-stick for a dog

Innovations and developments for selfie dogs. Dog Jami wears self-stick everywhere
собака хаски фото

Photo of Loki: traveling happy dog

With their master, they have already visited many interesting places
Как "разговаривать" с собакой

How to "talk" with a dog

Have you ever wondered how a dog will react to a barking man? Here and look! You will all see: there is a contact!

Petcube - the first gadget to communicate with the dog

Using Petcube you can watch the animal, play and train it remotely
Роды у лабрадора

Labrador delivery: preparation, contractions video

Learn more about how to prepare for labrador labs and how to take them yourself. Attempts and fights. Watch the video

Interesting photo and video about children with dogs

Interesting photo and video about children with dogs
ухаживать за шерстью собаки

How often to wash a dog?

  All beginning dog breeders are interested in questions: How to wash a dog? How often and how to do it right? Bathing dogs is not so long ago recommended to host the dogs no more than twice a year. But times change, stereotypes are a thing of the past.