Hungarian vizhla (crooked)

The Hungarian Piggy, or else it is called a scraggy - a hunting dog with an aristocratic appearance, a friendly character and one unique feature. In a jump, she can change the direction of her movement.

Hungarian Vigil
Photo: Hungarian Vigil

History of the breed - Hungarian vyzhla

Twice this breed was on the verge of extinction. For the first time it is mentioned in the sources of the Middle Ages. In the 10th century this breed was bred in Hungary, its ancestors were accompanied by nomadic Magyar tribes. After crossing with local hunting breeds, it turned out to be a dog of a characteristic yellow color, which was called a "golden dog". They were used for falconry.

For the first time, it almost disappeared at the beginning of the 19th century, when the Pointer was massively imported into Hungary.
For the second time, the breed was threatened with extinction during the Second World War. The frightened locals, after their liberation from fascism, killed all the dogs so that they would not get to the Russian soldiers. But the national breed was rescued by cynologists from neighboring countries.


Hungarian vizhla - stately, elegant dog, with a muscular, but graceful physique. It is medium in size, reaching a height of up to 64 cm at the withers, weighing up to 30 kg.

She has a broad chest and strong legs, a low-set tail, which is often cut by a third of the length. Rectangular muzzle with drooping low set ears. Eyes brown slightly darker color.

Traditional color for dogs of this breed is reddish-golden and different shades. Brownish and reddish tones are not desirable. On the breast a small white spot is allowed, and on the tips of the fingers there are white markings.

The structure of the wool is divided into two varieties: the more common wool and short-haired. Coat hair is longer and stiffer, not very tight to the body. In short-haired wool, dense and smooth, short, tightly fitting.

Character of the Hungarian Vigil

Щенки венгерской выжлы The word "vyzhla" is translated as "to find", "to search". And this dog really has a subtle flair and well follows the trail. It is hardy, well tolerates difficult weather conditions, perfectly holds the rack, works fine on rough terrain and in marshy thickets. These dogs are excellent swimmers and with them often prey on waterfowl. Vizhla is considered one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. She is very well trained, but on condition that she is treated without rudeness and shouting. It responds best to encouragement. The owner of such a dog will need perseverance and firmness of character.

With people, the dog converges easily, but the owner is especially devoted. In addition to hunting work, the vyrsla copes well and with the role of watchman, barking strangers. With children, this is a playful companion.

Dog content

In the content of the Hungarian is not difficult to vyzhla. She is balanced and unpretentious, never bothers the owner, content with just being at his feet.

If the dog is not often used for hunting, it needs active walking. She loves joint jogging and games, sports.

Wife can not live in a kennel and on a chain. This is a domestic dog, requiring attention from the owner. She does not like to be alone all day. Can live as in an apartment or house, and in a well-fenced yard, but on a free-range.

Their soft, reddish hair does not require too careful care. The hard-haired variety should be cleaned regularly with a stiff brush. Shorthair does not even need to be combed. Her hair can be cleaned once a week with a brush.

To bathe a dog is not worth more than once every two months. To wool less spoiled, before going out for a walk it can be sprayed with special sprays for wool based on lanolin or wax.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles Hungarian puppies cost from $ 110 to $ 700.

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