Turkish kangal, photo and description

Kanghala Karabash or Kangal is a Turkish shepherd dog, one of the strongest and most ancient breeds. Unlike many wolfhounds, this calmer and less aggressive breed is energetic and very hardworking. In the herd, the Kangal is always in order, and predators have no chance to live on a sheep guarded by this dog.

Turkish Cangal
Photo: Turkish Cangal

Kangal is a nationally approved national treasure of Turkey and the government banned its export to other countries, as well as supervises all issues related to the breeding of the breed in the country.

Turkish Cangal

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History of the breed cangal

It's so old-fashioned that legends are built about its origin. According to one of them, one of the heirs of the Indian throne presented this dog to a Ottoman padishah. This dog fought with the lion and defeated it, which caused the kings to have a keen interest. But she disappeared in the vicinity of Kangala, when Ottoman troops were marching. It is believed that this was the ancestor of the breed, which he himself chose for life Kangal.

Турецкий кангал The founders of the Ottoman Empire representative of this breed were brought to Anatolia and it is assumed that many European shepherds can have the blood of a kangal. This is one of the purest breeds that has not undergone changes for hundreds of years.

Size of a kangal

The height at the withers near the kangal reaches 89 cm, weight - 69 kg. Its wool is short, thick and stiff, it fits snugly to the body.
Color is gray-yellow, gray-brown or brown-yellow, black masks are mandatory on the muzzle.

One kind inspires respect not only for animals, but for people. It is a harmoniously built tall dog with a powerful body and strong build, strong slender limbs.

On his large head are hanging triangular ears, rounded at the ends. Its tail is long and highly planted, which in an excited state bends over the back of the dog.

Despite its size, it is a harmonious and dexterous dog. When walking, she keeps her head on one line with her back, from which it seems that she is stealing.


Турецкий кангал

Special fame Kangal dogs won their unpretentiousness and efficiency. They are able to carry out their service in the most difficult climatic conditions and even at the cost of their lives. In this case, in comparison with many other breeds, kangals do not require practically any care.

The shepherds say that if one sheep is lost from the herd, the kangal can guard the lost sheep without food and water for days. Also, farmers appreciate the fearlessness and strength of this dog. It is known that this is the only representative of domestic dogs, capable of easily strangling the wolf. For such a feat, the owner of flocks always cuts for a dog of a personal ram.

From the point of view of home breeding Kangala, then this is not a suitable breed. It's not just a working dog, it loves its work and needs very heavy workloads. Therefore lying days on the rug, it will become sad and will become aggressive and restless.

Турецкий кангал In extreme cases, such a dog will suit the content on the territory of a country house, where he can run around and protect "his" large territory.

But with all due respect to the owner, this dog is very independent and independent. And as a puppy in training, he should very firmly show who is in charge here.

Photo of the Turkish Kangal


  1. I do not agree! They even have a different specification. Tobet is still more of a guard-guard dog in terms of his skills. It looks more powerful, but it's only outwardly. On the Internet, there are enough videos of different times, where the kangal is in a fight. So you can see not only how he deals with the dogs-rivals of different breeds, but also how he strangles wild boars and beats the tiger on equal terms, and has the advantage. Very fast, agile and purposeful dog!


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