Coated Dachshund


For the dog to work in all weather conditions, its coat must be thick and dense, the undercoat is plentiful, the covering hair is hard enough, it does not allow moisture and protects the animal from injury when working in a dense undergrowth or a bush.

Such purposes were pursued when deducing the rate of the haired-haired species. The first information about serious experiments with their breeding dates back to 1797. By the middle of the 19th century, there were already three modern varieties of wool, including a fine-haired dachshund.

To bring the latter to smooth coat, the blood of rocks with thick tough hair, including many terriers - dandy-dinmont, Scotch-terrier, fox terrier and others, and also schnauzer, was poured. The problem was to preserve the typical structure of the dachshund, its working qualities, malice towards the beast, courage, flair, voice.

Жесткошерстная такса, описание

Therefore, the fixation of the type of wire-haired dachshund required a lot of time and effort on the part of breeders and amateurs.

At the same time, intra-breed interbreeding was constantly used - the wire-haired dachshunds were knitted with long-haired dachshunds , as a result of which many modern smooth-haired dachshunds carry the genes of the woolly coats.

In 1915 the Germans finally divided the species according to the type of wool, and from that time each of them is bred independently.

When did the first appearance of the wire-haired dachshunds in Russia?

In the USSR and in Russia, the first wire-haired dachshunds appeared after 1945, and at the exhibition in 1947 four such dogs were registered already. But this species has not become popular among hunters, and working dogs with field diplomas and listed in the pedigree book are relatively few.

In Ukraine, there were good manufacturers with field diplomas, but here this variety is perceived rather as decorative, and the lack of fashion and mass demand does not allow increasing the number of livestock. On the one hand, this is not bad, since there is no speculation on the incompetence of low-knowledge people, and on the other hand, the breeding base leaves much to be desired.


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