What vitamins need to be given a tax?

витамины для таксы

Taxes are now planted as pets pets-companions and even decorative dogs (a list of which you will find here ). However, this is a serious hunting breed, which successfully mines the fox. Such an active dog has increased requirements for vitamins and minerals in the diet.

Therefore, it is necessary to add special complexes to the diet, be it natural products or dry food. About deficiency in an organism of a charge of vitamins it is possible to judge on dry and rigid to the touch of a wool, a lacrimation, the reddened cornea of eyes . First of all, this indicates a lack of vitamin A.

And if the dog eats natural food, then in its diet should be added liver and sea fish. If the dachshund skin flakes and wool falls out , it needs B vitamins, which are found in large quantities in brewer's yeast, seaweed and seaweed.

Takse with poor appetite lacks vitamin C, which is found in vegetables, herbs and fruits. They must be fresh. Puppies are extremely important vitamin D for the formation of the skeleton. The dog needs to walk in the sun and give special vitamin complexes.

The most popular vitamins for dachshunds

Какие витамины нужно давать таксе It is better to give the dog well-proven complex vitamins. One of such complexes is Gamavit . It is a source of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which provide excellent immunity.

This drug is injected subcutaneously every three days for 1 ml (puppies) or 2 ml. Glucosamine is a valuable complex for dachshund puppies, which includes an important element of glucosamine, as well as phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C.

It well strengthens ligaments, cartilage and joints, promotes the full development of the skeleton and the formation of metabolism. Calcidee is also a very important complex for dachshund puppies, which includes phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D. It is suitable for pregnant and nursing bitches. Can be combined with dry food and other multivitamin complexes.

Pervinal Exel for Puppies is a complete set of 10 minerals and 12 vitamins, which are especially necessary for the development and growth of a small dachshund. Pervinal Exel has an increased concentration of B vitamins. It also contains linoleic acid, which preserves and maintains reproductive capacity, renal function and skin and coat condition.

8 in 1 Calcidee - a complex that includes phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D. It has a pleasant smell and taste and perfectly promotes the proper development of teeth and backbone in puppies. This complex is also necessary for pregnant and nursing bitches. It is compatible with any dry food, as well as other multivitamin top dressings.


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