Nature of the dachshund

Характер таксы

The most unusual breed. A dog sold by the meter, a dog-sausage, a dog-bench ... In a compact and neat body, the dignity of a big dog, a brave and kind heart are collected.

A very peculiar and ancient breed of beagle dogs. It successfully combines the qualities of a fighting dog , perseverance, necessary for the production of normal animals, and the ability and innate skill to trail work with a continuous voice, characteristic of beagle dogs.

Hunting dog, companion dog, guard dog - and all this is TAX.

Nature of the dachshund

Характер таксы Dachshunds are dogs with excellent flair and smell, bold, active, fearless and gambling, but fairly balanced. They are very loyal and friendly animals who are remarkably comfortable with children and do not like being alone.

From boredom they can spoil the interior items (my puppies (!) Have bored the upholstered door from boredom, jumping up to 1.5 meters!). The strength of the jaws is such that the dachshund, clinging to a suitable object, is capable, like a bull terrier, for quite a long time "hanging out", not forgetting from time to time terribly goggle and publish brutal, on occasion, threatening sounds through teeth.

Dachshund has amazing mimicry and amazing eyes. Dachshunds are not distinguished by insane bravery (not to be confused with excitement - it's enough for this "sausage" for two dogs and you will get it). Attacking the enemy, the dog never for a moment forgets about its own security, striving for the victory of persistent, sometimes hours of work.

Dachshunds are curious, cunning and selfish (within reasonable limits), appreciate comfort. Climbing on the hands, knees or shoulders of the owner (curled around the neck, like a collar) - their favorite occupation. Sleeping under the blanket of cunning sharks simply adore Dachshund - a psychotherapist from birth and is able to quietly adjust to any state of the owner's soul and also unobtrusively and tactfully correct it.

Dachshunds are intelligent and educated by nature and dogs. Very clean, like cats (!). Walking, the dachshund will try to stay as clean as possible.

... "dog-sausage", "dog height in the dog's floor and the length of the dog and a half." Long ears, long nose, short legs ... In general - "beautiful"! BUT!

Sensitive, tactful, but at the same time otvaznaya and active, this dog for a moment will not let you feel lonely, not bothering if you do not have it up to it. This breed has much more canine qualities than can fit in her body. Deduced to hunting, today the dachshund is increasingly becoming a companion dog.

Why should a man be a dachshund? You yourself will answer this question to your friends when a dog-sausage, a red (black, spotted) miracle with a fox's muzzle settles in your heart with a cozy ringlet. Зачем человеку такса

Selection of the puppy of the dachshund. Dog content

As in all cases, the selection of the puppy of the dachshund is simple and reliable. Dogs should be healthy, mobile, with clear intelligent eyes. It is advisable to choose from the breeder in conditions that are natural for puppies, when you can see the conditions of keeping, the sanitary condition (and hence the health of your pet).

Presence of a bitch is desirable. True, some breeders do not want to hurt the mother and do not allow potential hosts into the house. This is justified in cases where the dog is really nervous extremely or when the puppies are still very small and, in order to avoid infecting the babies. But to offer a choice of two or three puppies is preferable. The vaccine passport, as well as the pedigree by the time of purchase of the dog is mandatory.

такса Пабло Пикассо Known Taxes

Grenville (Fr. Grenouille) - long-haired dachshund of Napoleon

Lamp - Dachshund Pablo Picasso

Brom Isaiah and Hina Markovna - fees Anton Chekhov.

Watch a video about the breed of dachshund

See video: Character of the dachshund


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