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Care of teeth in dogs

Что делать, если у собаки болят зубы

What if the dog's teeth hurt?

Dogs do not often have dental diseases. Most often, you can understand that the dog's teeth ache by the fact that she often shakes her head, and whines during meals.

Как чистить зубы французскому бульдогу и когда происходит их смена

How to brush French bulldog teeth and when does their shift occur?

Teeth are one of the virtues of a French bulldog. When a little sweet little dog opens his mouth, everyone immediately becomes aware that this is a real bulldog, so powerful are the powerful jaws with strong teeth.

смена молочных зубов у той терьера

Abaissement and change of dairy teeth in that terrier

That terrier, despite its small size, has as many teeth as the Caucasian shepherd - exactly 42. These are four kinds of teeth: incisors, fangs, molars and premolars: 22 are in the lower jaw, and 20 - in the upper jaw.

Как чистить зубы чихуахуа

How to brush the teeth of a chihuahua?

A pedigree chihuahua before each exhibition must pass a commission. And one of the mandatory conditions for participation in the exhibition is the complete completeness of healthy teeth and a true bite.

смена зубов у чихуахуа

When do chihuahuas drop out and change their baby teeth and how many of them?

Chihuahua, like all dogs, has 42 permanent teeth. Of these, 20 are in the upper jaw, and 22 - in the lower jaw. Teeth are not the same, there are four kinds. These are fangs, incisors, premolars and molars.

как чистить зубы йорку

How to brush your teeth yorky?

If York is thoroughbred and is intended for permanent participation in exhibitions - it is very important to constantly monitor the hygiene of his mouth and brush his teeth. After all, dental health and their complete completeness are a prerequisite for participation in the exhibition.

Смена и удаление молочных зубов у йорков

Change and removal of milk teeth from Yorkies

In all dogs, regardless of the breed, including 42 permanent teeth in York: 20 in the upper jaw and 22 in the lower jaw. Teeth are divided into incisors, canines, premolars and molars.

Какие бывают зубные щетки для собак

What are toothbrushes for dogs and which one should I choose?

Learn more about toothbrushes for dogs. How to choose the right one and which one is better to buy
Воспаление десен у собак

How to treat gum disease in dogs?

The inflammation of the gums is most often affected by representatives of small and decorative breeds of dogs. They account for up to 85% of all cases.

У собаки выпадают зубы

Why does a dog have teeth?

In dogs throughout the life grows two types of teeth. The first is the milk teeth, which erupt in the puppy about the twentieth day.

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