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Вакцинация собак

Vaccination of dogs

In many countries, vaccination of dogs is considered a prerequisite for their maintenance . Exhibitions, travel, removal of pets abroad - all this requires the presence of vaccines in animals and a properly issued veterinary passport.

Эфирные масла для собак

Essential oils for dogs

Surely we all know how beneficial essential oils act on psychoemotional, as well as physical ...

What are the ear diseases in dogs?

Learn more about the most common diseases of the ears in dogs, what are their signs and methods of treatment. Causes of diseases
Защита собаки от укуса клеща: капли или ошейник?

Protecting the dog from a tick bite: a drop or a collar?

Preparing for the season of ticks: How to protect the animal from dangerous diseases? Preserve the health of a pet on a walk
Феромоны для собак

Pheromones for dogs (sedative)

Pheromones for dogs: reviews
Собаку укачивает в машине: что делать

Kinetosis in dogs. What are the signs of kinetosis?

How to accustom a dog to the car, so that it does not sway?
Укусы насекомых для собак

Insect bites for dogs. From what should be protected?

Insect bites for dogs - how dangerous they are
Остеомаляция у собак

Osteomalacia in dogs: symptoms, treatment

Osteomalacia in dogs is a process where bone tissues lose minerals in their composition
Лишний вес у собак – в чем опасность

Diseases of dogs associated with excess weight

Consider the often occurring diseases that are the result of obesity
Простуда, кашель у собак в осенне-зимний период

Cough and other autumn-winter dog diseases

How to protect a dog in the autumn-winter period from colds, after all it is an ideal time for reproduction of every possible infections

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