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Какой сухой корм для лабрадора лучше

What dry food is better for a Labrador?

Most Labrador owners are confident that dry food is an unmistakable option to grow a healthy and active dog. Indeed, to make a complete diet of natural products, you need to have the knowledge in dietology, calculate the necessary calories, the proportions of protein and carbohydrates, add vitamins in an exact amount.

Какой сухой корм лучше выбрать для алабая

What kind of dry food is best for Alabai?

Alabai belong to giant dogs, this is the classification of producers of dry food.

Сухой корм для таксы

Dry food for dachshunds

The opinion of the owners of the rate is divided: some feed their pets with natural food, others choose ready-made dry food. The choice depends on the beliefs of the owners and on the characteristics of the dog. On the one hand, giving dry fodder to the taxis is a convenient option for busy people when you do not need to cook fresh food every day.

Чем и как кормить щенка таксы и взрослую собаку

How and how to feed the puppy of a dachshund and an adult dog?

The peculiarities of the diet of the tax are in many respects dependent on her age. How and how to feed a puppy of a dachshund and an adult pet will be discussed in this article.

Состав и отзывы на сухой корм для собак Рекс

Composition and reviews on dry dog ​​food Rex

Dry dog ​​food Rex is produced in Belarus at the Zhabinka Combine Feed Plant. The company deals not only with food for dogs, the plant produces mixed fodders for many kinds of domestic animals, including such exotic ones as ostriches.

Состав и отзывы на корм для собак Гоу (go)

Composition and feedback on dog food Go (go)

Learn more about the composition of dog food go natural (go natural), read customer reviews
Состав и отзывы на корм для собак Неро голд (nero gold)

Composition and feedback on dog food Nero Gold (nero gold)

Learn more about Nero Gold dog food (nero gold), get acquainted with customer reviews
Как правильно выбирать сухой корм для собак

How to choose the right dry food for dogs?

When you decide that you will feed your dog with ready-made dry food, and not natural food, then you will immediately have the question of how to choose a dry food for your pet.

Каким сухим кормом кормить французского бульдога

What kind of dry food to feed a French bulldog?

French bulldogs have turned into decorative dogs, but at the genetic level, these are all the same tireless fighters and guards who require adequate feeding.

какой сухой корм лучше подойдет для мопса

What kind of dry food is better for a pug?

Choosing dry food for a pug is not an easy task. In dogs of this breed, there is often an allergy to the components of the feed, so you have to try not a single brand before stopping at a particular type.

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