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Какие машинки используются для стрижки пуделя и где их купить

What machines are used for cutting a poodle and where to buy them?

Poodle with its delicate and curly fur requires daily and very careful care. And haircut helps make this care less tedious.

How to cut an American cocker spaniel?

American Cocker Spaniel is famous for its beautiful coat, but it needs good care, including regular haircut - at least 4 times a year.

Первая выставка у собаки

The dog has the first exhibition. What do you need to know the owner?

The first exhibition, it is very exciting! New furnishings for both you and the dog. To the event passed without a hitch, start preparing for it in advance.

Стрижка и тримминг цвергшнауцера

How to shear a miniature schnauzer?

Grooming and trimming of the miniature schnauzer have their own distinctive features. The German standard in the description of the breed says that its wool coat must be wire-shaped, thick and hard to the touch.

Стрижка и тримминг вест хайленд уайт терьера

Haircut and trimming of west highland white terrier

Dogs of West Highland White Terrier need not only a haircut, but also a permanent trimming, which has some features.

Инструменты для стрижки собак

What to buy tools for cutting dogs?

For the proper grooming of a dog, the right tools are important. There are quite a few of them. The simplest tools for cutting dogs are regular and thinning scissors. More complex, but also simplifying the haircut can be called mechanical or electric machines.

Features of a haircut of an adhesive tape of a terrier

In the international standard, the Scottish terrier is described as a short-legged, active and strong dog. The task of correctly cutting the Scotch Terrer is to emphasize the basic typical signs of the body structure of this dog and even the properties of its character.

Тримминг собак

Trimming dogs

Trimming is the plucking of a dog's old hair, which is already painlessly separated from the skin.

Стрижка пекинесов

Haircut of Pekingese: important details

Luxurious wool - the pride of Pekingese and many owners do not represent their handsome haircut. Although sometimes it is necessary.

Стрижка ши-тцу

Shi-Tzu haircut features

Shih Tzu - a breed of a small decorative dog with a chic long hair. Therefore, the owners pay special attention to their appearance. In addition, there are many types of haircuts shih-tzu.

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