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Cобака за рулем

Dog at the wheel. Video

Dogs have learned to drive a car
Собаку укачивает в машине: что делать

Kinetosis in dogs. What are the signs of kinetosis?

How to accustom a dog to the car, so that it does not sway?
Как путешествовать с собакой на автомобиле в Европу?

How to travel with a dog on a car to Europe?

To ensure that the trip was comfortable, you need to know some rules
Что делать, если собака боится автомобиля?

What if the dog is afraid of the car?

What if the dog is afraid of the car? To accustom a dog to the car it is necessary not during trips. Remove all the flavors from the car ...
Собака транспорт

Dog and transport. How to transport a dog in a bus, trolleybus, tram

Four-legged passenger. We accustom the dog to public transport
Как перевозить собаку

How to transport a dog in a train, plane, car?

If you take a pet with you on vacation and carry the dog was as easy as in a children's song: "Beauty! Beauty! We carry a cat with us, Chizhika dog, Petka-bully, monkey, parrot-that's what company! "

Что делать, когда собаку укачивает в машине?

What to do when the dog is rocking in the car?

Some dogs are happy to ride in the car, but often many animals in road transport are rocking.

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