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как играть с собакой

How to play with the dog?

Just like children, dogs adore moving games and games for ingenuity. One of the most simple and at the same time very interesting games is "Find an object".

Отношение хаски к детям и кошкам

How do husky treat children and cats?

For most dog lovers, the question of their relationship with children is relevant. Therefore, before you start a home of the husky, it is useful to learn about how they relate to small children and other animals.

собака для семьи

Top 10 best breeds of dogs for the family

The first thing you need to know is that a typical "family" dog does not exist, as there is no typical family.

What is the most good breed of dogs?

When a child asks parents to give him a dog, adults face the problem of choosing a breed. And they begin to wonder: " What is the most good breed of dogs?"

Pet for a child

All children dream of a pet. To fulfill this dream or not is up to you. And we will help weigh the pros and cons

How to persuade parents to buy a dog?

Often we are emailed to the young visitors of the site, the main question of which is: " How can I persuade parents to buy a dog? "Of course, it's very good that children love our dumb friends, a person needs this, because it expands the horizons of knowing the world, helps to understand our smaller brothers and treat them with sympathy.

The dog bites the child with whom it grew

Many families with young children have dogs. Often they bite children. Adults start to resent and do not understand what is happening.

Cобака для ребенка и породы для детей

Top 5 most undervalued dogs for families with children

All over the world deserved popularity is enjoyed by labradors, retrievers, collies. Who else will cope with the role of family dogs?

Children and dogs (safety recommendations)

Children and dogs - their relationship can not always be smooth. In England in 2006-2007, more than 900 children under 9 years old were taken to hospitals after injuries sustained from dog bites.


Interesting photo and video about children with dogs

Interesting photo and video about children with dogs

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