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Рекорды собак в книге рекордов Гиннеса

TOP-20: records of dogs in the Guinness Book of Records

What are the very dogs in the record book?
Фото: Тибетский мастиф

Rare breeds of dogs

Rare dog breeds in the world are many. It can be very large, and medium, and very small, decorative individuals
С какой скоростью бегают собаки? Самые быстрые породы

How fast do dogs run? The fastest breeds

Dogs, like predators, are able to run very fast for prey. On average, they develop a speed of up to 10 km per hour. Representatives of hunting breeds are the fastest.


What are the smallest breeds of dogs in the world?

How many small dogs are there in the world, and how do they differ from large breeds, except for their miniature sizes?
Собака для рыбалки

Which dog is better for fishing? The most suitable breeds

A dog is always happy to accompany his beloved owner everywhere, especially if it is a walk in nature.

Самые дорогие породы собак в мире

TOP 10: The most expensive breeds of dogs in the world with photos

If guided by the lower limit of prices for puppies of certain breeds, the following rating is obtained
собака для семьи

Top 10 best breeds of dogs for the family

The first thing you need to know is that a typical "family" dog does not exist, as there is no typical family.

Самые злые породы собак

Rating of the most evil breeds of dogs

Many have long understood that dogs are aggressive only thanks to a man. Getting into the hands of the owner, who does not know how and does not want to raise a dog, any dog ​​can become dangerous regardless of the breed. Knowingly the cynologists on the question: "Which breed is the most wicked" answer: "Not brought up."

The largest, strongest and largest dogs in the world. TOP-24

If you are inquisitive by nature, then you are probably interested in the questions: "What is the largest dog in the world?" "What is its height and weight?" What breed is the largest dog in the world?

Собака Бассет-хаунд (бассет)

Celebration of disobedience or top 10 dogs of hooligans

Disobedient dogs with a character ...

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