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How to choose food?

Food for different breeds of dogs should have certain characteristics. And not just the size depends on the choice of food. On this page you will find a list of articles in which we will talk about the features of different feeds and not only. In this heading the rating of the best forages , articles on dry forage are presented. Kakai is a medicinal food for dogs ? Diet of dogs.

Где купить корм для собак

Where to buy dog ​​food?

For dog owners, the question of which food to choose for their pets is always relevant. But no less important is the choice of a place where to buy dog ​​food.

Как правильно выбирать сухой корм для собак

How to choose the right dry food for dogs?

When you decide that you will feed your dog with ready-made dry food, and not natural food, then you will immediately have the question of how to choose a dry food for your pet.

Как правильно выбирать консервы для собак

How to choose the right canned food for dogs?

Canned food for dogs differ from each other not only in the design of packaging and the brand of the manufacturer. A more important difference is the composition that influences the usefulness of nutrition.

какой выбрать корм для собаки

How and what food to choose for a dog?

A pet sometimes requires attention and care as much as a small child. Our pets can not take care of themselves, so the responsibility for proper nutrition and timely treatment lies with us.

Как правильно кормить собак служебных пород?

How to properly feed dog breeds?

Dogs of service breeds in food are unpretentious. However, this does not mean that the preparation of a diet for your pet, the process of feeding can be treated without due attention.

Корм для белых собак

What kind of dry food is best for white dogs?

The owners of white dogs have noticed more than once that some, if not many, types of food cause pigs to bleed and wool their hair. This is not only not beautiful, but completely spoils the appearance of the animal preparing for the exhibition.

Сухой корм для беременных собак

What kind of dry food to choose for a pregnant dog?

A pregnant dog needs a special diet, so that the future puppies develop correctly, and the mother feels well. Almost all brands of dry feed premium and super premium class have special food for pregnant dogs.

Как кормить собаку правильно

How, how much and how to properly feed the dog? Approximate ration of feeding

The dog belongs to predatory animals. This should never be forgotten. Predators, killing other animals, devour not only meat and bones, but also the insides and the contents of the stomach.

Сухой корм для собак с ягненком

What is remarkable about dog food with lamb?

Dry dog ​​food with lamb is most often used for animals with sensitive digestion.

What should be the feed for active dogs?

Dogs that have an active lifestyle should eat in a special way. For sports, hunting, hard work, the animal needs additional nutrients.

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