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Смешные фото собак

Expressive portraits of dogs from Elke Vogelsang

Elke often publishes photographs of both homeless people and simply foreign dogs from the most unusual and interesting angles
Собака Сяо Пи

Dog Xiao Pi - dozens of bright images that conquered the Internet

Xiao Pi - a dog that conquered social networks with non-standard images. Career pet - from fruit suits to secular images

A homeless dog has been accompanying a man for three years on a kayak trip

Impressive adventures of the Spaniard and his dogs on a kayak through the Mediterranean. Routes and features of travel. Help four-footed sailor
Как немецкий дог очаровал пользователей интернета

Today, the number of subscribers of Mutka dog's pastors has exceeded 10,500

As a dog called Mutka, he fascinated Internet users. The Great Dane is the champion among emotional dogs
Собачья карикатура «Катастрофы на Красной дорожке

Dog caricature - puppies dressed in the most "successful" outfits stars from the Red Carpet

Dogs took part in a new project of caricatures of images from the Red Path
Фото эмоций собак от Кристиана Вьелера

One of the best photoshoots to date: dogs, goodies and emotions

Photo emotions of dogs: the world of unforgettable sensations from the world-famous photographer Christian Filer
Ребенок и алабай фото

Alabai - the hero of the photo project of Elena Shumilina

Photographer Elena Shumilova became famous throughout the world for taking photos of life in the village
Собака и ее хозяин

Dogs and hosts: photos of dog owners along with their little friends

Owners of dogs who repeat for their pets their facial expressions

Kindly great Presley looks like real Scooby-Doo

He really looks, and behaves like Scooby-Doo

Labradoodle and his little friend wear identical outfits

On the page in the instagram now and then there are photos of a friendly couple in identical outfits

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