Grooming dogs. All about the haircut


Breeds of dogs differ not only in size and character, but also in the structure of the coat. Conditionally they can be divided into non-casting and moulting, as well as soft-haired and wire-haired. Basically, the haircut is required for non-casting and soft-haired dogs, less often for coarse-wooled dogs.

More often it is necessary to shear soft-haired dogs, in which the wool constantly grows throughout the body. Therefore, without a haircut, a dog simply can not live freely. Wool clogs the ear canals, falls into lumps and the animal begins to have problems with hearing and skin, various diseases develop, parasites are introduced.

Also, because of the koltuns that form between the fingers and are compressed with skin secretions and dirt, the dog's legs ache.

Hard-haired dogs do not shed, but they need to provide "artificial molt" - plucking of wool, which is called trimming. Thanks to plucking, the wool becomes stiffer and fits snugly. In dogs that do without trimming the untidy look: the matured wool does not evenly fall off to a short undercoat. Therefore plucking should be done at least twice a year, but it is better every 1.5 to 2 months.

Since the wool of soft-haired dogs grows faster, they need to be cut depending on the breed every 2-4 weeks. Stray dogs can only be cut to give a beautiful exterior, then only if the dog does not participate in exhibitions.

As for the haircut, then for certain breeds (poodles, yorkies, etc.) there are standards.

It is believed that the most complex nursing expects breeders poodles. In addition to regular haircuts every two months, monthly, these dogs need to cut their wool on their paws and muzzle.

Classical haircut poodle - "lion", in which the front of the dog the wool remains longer, and the paws and the back are cut short, leaving the tail and paws "pompons."

Haircut "modern" leaves a body of poodle wool about the same length. And on the tail leaves a traditional "pom-pom."
Also there are haircuts "royal Dutch", "English lion" and others.

Types of haircuts and pinching dogs

Clipperwerk - short haircut with a machine. It is executed both on a wool, and against.

Flatwack - a short haircut with a machine or scissors, whose purpose is to maintain the same length of coat.

Top note is a haircut, in which the dog's hair is collected in tails and decorated with elastic bands, hairpins or bows. In this case, the top note is obligatory for dogs with a wool length of more than 10 cm on their heads, as well as dogs with bangs and bulging eyes.

Blending is a haircut with the help of thinning scissors, where imperceptible transitions are processed between the long and short wool. This treatment gives the haircut a finished and neat appearance.

Show-trim - an exhibition hairstyle, which includes many different stages, and is performed only by professionals.

Stripping is a tweak for the woolen dogs, which is performed with the aid of a special knife. Before the procedure, the dog is combed, and then the wool is removed with a knife, plucking it as it grows.

Planking is a pinch that is made using the forefinger and thumb.

In addition, dogs also have a fashion for haircuts and every year its details change. Dog breeders exhibiting their pets on the show must follow the dog's fashion.


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