The most popular watchdogs of dogs

The task of the guard dog is to guard the territory entrusted to it. Such dogs are also called guard dogs. The best watchmen can be immediately noticed by the style of the walk. Such a dog constantly studies and marks the territory, and in its "zone" it will be aggressive towards even those dog-friends with whom it cute communicates in a neutral territory.

The watchdog qualities of the dog are determined by two important factors: the characteristics of the breed and the training program. Unsurpassed watchmen are the Caucasian, Asian and South Russian shepherds, the Moscow watchdog.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Photo: Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd is one of the most popular and best breeds of guard dogs. Their growth ranges from 74 to 88 cm, the average weight of about 65 kg, but there are instances exceeding 100 kg. This dog feels great living on the street or in the aviary, it is easy to adapt to different climates. The nature of the breed is quite fierce when protecting the territory, so dogs need socialization and special training.

Central asian shepherd dog

Asian Shepherd (Alabai) - a hardy, fearless and self-confident dog, with a strong watchdog instinct. Aggressive in relation to other people's dogs and strangers. The average height is 70 cm, weight - 60 kg.

It is less aggressive than the Caucasian Shepherd, but also requires socialization and early education.

South Russian Shepherd Dog

South Russian Shepherd Dog Photo
Photo: South Russian Shepherd Dog - watchdog

South Russian Shepherd is an unpretentious and reliable watchman, tireless, fearless and fastest among sheep dogs. Only obeys a strict and dominant master, who will become the leader of the dog.

Moscow watchdog

Photo: Moscow watchdog
Photo: Moscow watchdog

The Moscow watchdog inherited the genes of three quite different breeds - St. Bernard, Caucasian Shepherd and Russian Peg Hounds. It weighs an average of about 55 kg. This breed perfectly combines the ferocity of the Caucasian and the efficiency of St. Bernard with the endurance of the hound.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd: funny photo
Photo: German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the most popular breed of the post-Soviet space, and also performs guard functions perfectly. The growth of these dogs averages 40 kg with an average growth of 60 cm.

The main feature of this breed is fearlessness and universality. From the "German" you can raise a dog of a very different purpose: a defender of a man, a policeman, a bloodhound, a companion, a worker and, of course, an excellent watchman. Especially it is suitable for families with children. A calm and balanced dog in the family can be very aggressive in the face of intruders.

Argentinean dog

Argentinean dog
Photo: Argentinean dog

Argentine dog is a breed of large (62 cm) ferocious dogs, who fearlessly guard their territory. Always dominates, so with other dogs is contained only as a leader. Aggressive nature requires socialization and special training.


Photo: Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a dangerous aggressive dog, which by means of training becomes a responsible and reliable watchman. The main feature of Rottweilers is self-confidence and incorruptibility.


Photo: Doberman is a good guard and watchman

Doberman - an excellent guard dog, often used to protect the apartment. Their main qualities are alertness, loyalty, dexterity and intelligence. They are able to prevent an unwanted person from entering the territory without causing him physical harm.


Photo: Breeds of dogs for protection of a private house. Watchdog

Bullmastiff - mastiff-like breed, specially bred as a watchman and a guard. Its main qualities is the desire to defend its territory, fearlessness, strong instinct, the desire to dominate. But because of the nature of aggression, children should not be allowed to go to these dogs. Bullmastiffs in the 19th century guarded the game from attempting poachers. They are considered the best family watchmen due to their strong instinctive abilities, which help them to distinguish friends from enemies.


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