How to separate the fighting dogs?

Как разнять дерущихся собак, что делать при драке

Dogs of any breed need to communicate with relatives. First of all, it concerns puppies: firstly, during games with their own kind they can throw out the accumulated energy, and secondly, during the growing up period, it is very important that older dogs teach them the so-called "dog tongue". But, unfortunately, not always meet tailed friends are friendly. What to do if the dogs suddenly decided to find out the relationship with the help of teeth? How to separate the fighting dogs?

Security - above all

The main thing is not to panic. If you scream with screams to climb into a dog fight to save your dog, it will not end well for either you or your four-legged friend. Fighting pets are very excited, often they do not even see what their fangs are stuffed into and against. Therefore, desperate masters who climb with their bare hands to separate the fighters, are often accidentally bitten by their own pet. Especially dangerous are the situations when large dogs or dogs of fighting breeds come into the "dispute with the kulaks", widely known for their deadly grip.

To avoid this, you need to try to stay calm and, what is very important, do not try to separate dogs with blows and slaps, and even accompanying these actions with a shout. This behavior will only increase the anger of animals. Why? Everything is very simple. Have you ever seen how the service dogs are trained for protective guard duty? Primary development of malice occurs with the help of noisy (for example, crackling) objects on specially equipped equipment or ground. Loud sounds, claps, a strong pull of the leash and the master's cries do not upset, but only encourage the dogs and intensify aggression. Therefore, there is a high probability that you, being in a stressful state, can aggravate your situation by your hasty actions.

Remember: dogs with the help of an excellent sense of smell, when a person has adrenaline in his blood. And the state of the owner is always transferred to the pet. To your pet does not become nervous and angry even more, you need to try to stay calm and self-confident.

How to separate the fighting dogs correctly?

The safest way to stop a dogfight is as follows: the owners of the fighters must simultaneously grab their pets with their tails or hind legs, raise them slightly and pull them apart.

To the dog, being in an excited state and losing control of the situation, did not bite you, you can throw it away so that the dog lands on its back or at least on its side. While he will get up on the paws, you need to have time to take him by the collar and fasten it to the leash.

If the owners do not hesitate, will work together and correctly, the fight can be stopped quite quickly. It will only lead the dogs away from each other so that they calm down, and if necessary, treat wounds as soon as possible in order to avoid infection. After all, as you know, dog bites heal very long.

If there is such a situation that you have to separate the fighting dogs alone , you need to take the animal that wins the fight by the tail or hind legs and, continuing to move backwards, drag it to the place where the dog can be locked (an aviary, a garage, Any fenced area) or tied. If the dog breaks strongly during rasstaskivaniyu, and you feel that you can not hold it, throw it to the ground, slightly twisting, so that the dog landed belly up.

If the animal behaves not very aggressively, try to take it on a leash, take it away and tie it to a tree, fence or building. Now you can pacify the second dog.

Often, after the dog unclasens his teeth, he can be tamed with a strict and loud order) to file a prohibiting team "Fu!" Or "To me!") And take the leash. But keep in mind that such a number will only pass with a dog that clearly performs the basic commands and listens to the host for a walk.

Как разнять дерущихся собак? Difficulties to be faced

It happens that the owners synchronously raise the dogs, and they so strongly clung to each other with their teeth that it is not an option to pull them apart: in this case the dogs can inflict serious injuries on each other. In this situation you need to pinch the dogs with one hand for the groin. Here they have a so-called "button", after clicking on which the dog switches attention - and the jaws unwittingly unclench.

If it is difficult for you to keep the dog coming out with your hands, try folding the leash in the shape of a loop, throwing it onto the animal's thigh and tightening it tightly. So you can drag the dog by the leash and easily tie it to any object. But remember: the leash can not be thrown around the neck!

What can not be done?

Do not meddle in the thick of events and do not grab the dogs for the collars.

Do not try to open the jaw with your hands. During the fight, the dogs do not control themselves and can attack those who prevent them from finding out the relationship. Even for those who are dear, this is a question of instincts.

If you see dogs that have not yet mated, but have only tried to decide who is in charge: they took the fighting stance) arched their backs, raised their wool at the withers, tore their tails and tried to move around in a circle), do not rush to shouting "Fu!". This can serve as an impetus to the beginning of the fight. It is better to ignore this situation and let the dogs sort themselves out. Often, the matter does not reach the battle, because one animal recedes.

Do not separate the fighting stray dogs! Most likely, they find out the relations and-for places in the hierarchy. And any interventionists will be perceived inadequately by them. In such a situation, the whole flock can take up arms against you - it's deadly dangerous!

If the dog has bitten

If the animal still pierces your teeth , stop and do not move. In doing so, try not to panic. So to behave in such circumstances is, of course, not easy. But if you begin to resist, you will pull out your hand or leg from the mouth, then the animal will begin to bite even more, and, perhaps, will grasp your teeth in a new place on the body.

The thing is that the mobile victim causes more interest in animals than static. A little bit of pain in the immobile state - and the dog will let you go.

After biting, treat the wound as soon as possible with an antiseptic (for example, hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine solution) and consult a doctor. He will prescribe further treatment. If you are bitten by an ownerless or unvaccinated rabies vaccine, you will need to make a course of injections from rabies .

Do not ignore the bite, even if the dog just scratched you! In the sliding wound, the infection also penetrates just as easily, as in the torn. This is especially dangerous if the dog does not know you.

Remember: a dog fight is easier to prevent than to separate later. Therefore, on a walk, do not leave your pet unattended for a second, when you see an unfamiliar dog on the horizon, take your dog to a short leash and, without the approval of the second owner, do not let him in to the kinsman, even if this four-legged friend has a very friendly look.


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