Afghan hound - a description of the breed, characteristics and photos

Afghan hound photo Afghan, Afghan hound : a description of the breed, characteristics, care of the wool, a photo of the Afghan greyhound.

They are real aristocrats with all the attributes of a good style. Imagine an elegant silhouette against the background of the endless Asiatic steppe. A long dress of silky curls fluttering in the wind while running. On a high-set head flaunts a fashionable hairstyle. The look is full of dignity and independence.

And complement this graceful portrait is a regal bearing, confident graceful step and beautiful manners. However, no matter how aristocratic the face of Afghan greyhounds is, sometimes their proud, freedom-loving character causes a lot of inconvenience. This is not surprising! After all, in the guise of an aristocrat lies an energetic and brutal hunter whose ancestors have seen much.

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Afghan Greyhound: characteristics

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Protective properties
The size
Attitudes towards children

From the biblical stories
The Afghan hound is one of the oldest dogs in the world. History of the breed is estimated not for centuries, but for millennia. Moreover, the oldest evidence of it has nothing to do with Afghanistan. The first relatives of the Afghans are found on the territory of ancient Persia, where Iran is now located.

In the caves there are images of greyhound dogs that were made about 11 thousand years ago. It is believed that people wanted this way to perpetuate their favorites, survived one of the worst cataclysms. According to ancient legends, the Afghans were among the passengers of Noah's Ark, saved from a worldwide flood.

The hosts called their Afghans a basin, which in Persian means "one who runs fast". The breed was so loved in Persia that one of the sultans even named in its honor the ancient city of Taiz in Yemen.

Pure dog
Afghans, being Muslims, are quite negative about any dogs and call them sagas, ie. Despicable, dirty animals. But the greyhound takes an honorable place in their history. She showed herself as an excellent hunter and excellent shepherd, for which she was nicknamed clean.


Travel map
Images of greyhounds are found in the caves of Afghanistan. But their age is much less: Only some 4 thousand years! In addition, the Afghans can also be seen on Greek tapestries, which were woven in the 6th century BC. It turns out that the Afghan greyhound actively traveled along with nomadic tribes, trade caravans and crew of sailors.

Her short-haired progenitors emerged in Central Asia and infiltrated Iran and Afghanistan, where they established themselves as successful hunters for mountain leopards and antelopes, gazelles, hares, foxes and wolves. Soon, thanks to crossing with Persian saluki, Afghan hounds acquired their main trump card - a magnificent long coat that saved them from the harsh climate of the highlands.

End of isolation
афганская борзая Since then, the breed has not been subjected to any selective experiments, since veins are quite isolated from other dogs. The Afghan nobility, who cultivated the greyhounds, carefully monitored the thoroughbredness of their pets. Their appearance has not changed for thousands of years, but hunting and shepherd skills have developed actively due to constant practice.

In Europe, the Afghans came only in the other half of the 19th century. Soldiers who participated in the second Anglo-Afghan war, brought several representatives of the breed to Britain in 1886. The glory of their pure pedigree, unusual appearance and magnificent hunting qualities rattled throughout the country - and the Afghans became very popular.

The Conquest of Europe
The first valuable copy for the dog handlers appeared only in 1907. Captain John Barff found Zardin in southern Pakistan and brought him to the Indian city of Quetta, where a noble Afghan made a furore at a dog show. It was a greyhound greyhound with short hair.

Inspired by the success of the military immediately delivered the dog to London. The English audience took the dog to cheer. He won about 55 victories and was even introduced to the Queen at Buckingham Palace! Alas, the charming aristocrat did not leave any offspring, but it was he who became the prototype for the first description of the breed.

A new specimen suitable for breeding appeared only in 1926. By that time, two nurseries of Afghan greyhounds had already worked in the UK. In one of them appeared a small dog Sirdar of Ghazni - a representative of the mountain type of greyhounds. His coat was very thick. Otherwise, he was exactly the same as Zardin. Most of the modern representatives of the breed are his distant relatives.

Afghan Greyhound in America
In the United States the Afghans were brought a little later than England. This happened in 1902. Here, too, the breed was received with a cheer - and in 1926 the first club of fans of Afghan hounds opened. By the way, the breed got to France only in 1936, and to the Soviet Union only in the second half of the 20th century.

Hunter or sissy?

For a long time, the breeders engaged in fierce disputes, which of the two types of breed is better. They led to the fact that the owners of nurseries began to breed Afghan hounds in accordance with their ideals and aesthetic tastes. The appearance of the Afghan greyhounds that has not changed for centuries has undergone serious transformations. Many breeders were interested only in decorative features of the breed, which they tried to strengthen. They paid special attention to the wool, color and body of the dogs. Protecting from a strong cold, fur gradually turned into a luxurious dress of oriental beauty, and the appearance of the breed became more stately and noble. No other breed can boast such an abundance of acceptable colors!

Needless to say, these changes greatly weakened the hunting qualities of the Afghans. Luxurious wool not only requires careful care, but also hinders during hunting. A pampered physique prevents the development of a speed sufficient for the victim to pursue during the hunt.

Dignity, endurance, strength
However, the most progressive nurseries did not go to extremes, and tried to preserve the original skills of the dog and enhance its natural beauty. Nevertheless, the new population was very different from its ancestral ancestors.

Afghan hound photo

Therefore, when the official standard was created in 1968 breeders described the breed quite dryly and approximately. But its main features allowing to conduct an effective selection of individuals, were named. Dignity, strength, endurance - these three words the breeders have characterized the ideal of the Afghan greyhound, which they have always sought.

Insidious villains
During breeding, the rocks of metamorphosis were observed not only in her appearance and skills, but also in her character. The first Afghans were sufficiently spiteful and aggressive hunters, who were practically impossible to raise. Therefore, breeders began to select the most friendly individuals.

Standard of breed Afghan greyhound : main characteristics

Afghan hound - a description of the breed Afghan hounds of a modern type have a strong body. They move very smoothly, gracefully. Despite the noble bearing, they always feel alert and ready for a lightning jump. Yielding to other greyhounds in speed, the Afghans considerably outrun them in endurance.

These are large dogs with an elongated muzzle and strong jaws of a hunter. An important feature of the breed is a highly planted wedge-shaped head, which makes it easy to see the victim even during a quick run. The occipital protuberance is very well expressed, but the transition from forehead to nose is otherwise smooth. Long hanging ears decorated with silky wool. There is also a bang on the top of the head. Dark eyes of almost triangular shape are set obliquely. The nose is black or brown.

The breasts of the Afghans are wide and deep, which is good for breathing and effective heart function. Under the abundant woolen cover, large muscular limbs lurk. The back is strong and flat, but the croup is lowered. The tail is covered with a rare wool, its tip is twisted. When moving, the dog always keeps it high.

They were taken out to hunt deer, gazelles and leopards. So you can imagine how fast they are.

The Afghan greyhound can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. This is the speed of a thoroughbred racehorse. Quick and confident in his legs, this dog makes a special structure of the hips. They are located high and at a distance from each other, which allows the greyhound to quickly change direction and be ready for unexpected altitude changes in the mountains of Afghanistan.

The size
Height at the withers, both for males and for females 68 -73 centimeters.

Weight, both for males and for bitches - 26 - 34 kilograms.

Afghan hounds are long - livers among dogs of large breeds. On average, they live 14 to 16 years.

Breed Health

They have no special health problems. At the same time, they are very sensitive to pain. Even a small wound can cause them great suffering. They may have some problems with the eyes, such as cataracts, but more importantly, they have a very low pain threshold, so not even a large wound or pain causes them great suffering. So they should be taken to the vet more often. And there may be problems with their beautiful tail, which is everywhere stuck, they often hurt it. This can be a problem.


Experienced and affectionate trainer will best cope with this breed. The Afghan greyhound is a serious challenge for the trainer. These dogs have a solid character. They want to be independent and can be pretty stubborn. They may just not come when you call them.

Afghan hound photo

Caution - danger
For centuries, thick wool protected Afghan hounds from frosts in the highlands. Therefore, this rock is not adapted to heat and humidity. High activity in hot and humid weather can adversely affect the health of the dog.

The complex nature of the Afghan greyhound

Recently, scientists from a Colombian university decided to find out which breeds of dogs are the most stupid. Studies have shown that some of our four-legged friends are less able to learn and train. Among the short-sighted dogs were Afghan borzois.

However, the researchers a little heated, Just Afghans are stubborn enough and arrogant dogs that can demonstrate their proud temper. Therefore, it is more difficult to educate them than other breeds. Hunting fervor manifests itself at the most inopportune moment because of some stupidity: a loud sound or someone's sharp movement.

It will take a lot of time to correct their behavior. It is important not to offend the pets. They are very sensitive to rudeness and any emotions of the host. Therefore, when training, you need to show patience and consistency.

Like any dog, Afghans need attention and affection, but are attached to one member of the family they communicate with more often. The rest are respected, but outsiders suffer with difficulty. With small children, too, do not always get along. However, this does not mean that Afghan greyhounds tend to dominate. On the contrary, they prefer peace and quiet. In the usual setting, they are silent and restrained pets.

Caring for the Afghan greyhound

Today, thanks to their aristocratic beauty in America and Europe, representatives of this breed have become luxury pets. Afghans are podium models of the canine world. These dogs from the cover regularly appear in the press, in films and on television. They even inspired Pablo Picasso to create a sculpture without a name in honor of his own Afghan greyhound.

Not so much in the world for as many pleasant things as watching the Afghan greyhound with its developing hair. She is very elegant, holds her head high, is stunningly beautiful. Designed to protect against harsh weather and height, it is the long silky coat that distinguishes this dog. Their flowing wool is a kind of sign. The second characteristic feature is an elongated skull. The long narrow skull is 3 times longer than the width in length. In a dog with a shorter nose, for example in boxers, the angle of view is worse - only 180 degrees, while in greyhounds, including the Afghan, the survey is already 270 degrees.

Like any hunter, an Afghan needs long walks and outdoor games. It is recommended to run with it for at least an hour every day. After such runs, you often have to send a shaggy dog ​​to the shower.

A great coat is a dignity and at the same time a disadvantage. It imposes additional responsibility on the owners. It is important to maintain the natural beauty of the pet, to comb every day tangled curls. Sometimes it is better to wash the coat beforehand for a better effect.

Caring for the Afghan greyhound

These procedures will take a lot of time. And keep in mind that not every brush or comb can cope with such a magnificent head of hair! However, there are pluses. Firstly, well-groomed wool has no unpleasant odor. Secondly, greyhounds are not subject to seasonal molt - they update the wool cover gradually throughout the year.

Remember also that the stomach of these dogs is sunken, which means that they have a small stomach. It is important to follow a high protein diet and be sure to include fat in the diet. So active and fastidious Afghans will be able to get the necessary nutrients for boron.

Another feature is a characteristic rounded tail. The Afghan greyhound has a stunning tail - it curls at the end. They tend to get stuck with this beautiful tail in different places and break it.

Dogs of this breed need at least 1 hour per day of active exercise, so that they can run at high speed. But remember, this is a hunting greyhound. If she sees that something is running somewhere small, then she will surely rush after him. Therefore, they should be behind the fence and they need to be looked after.

They are hunting dogs and are used to active life. This should not be forgotten. The Afghan greyhound is better suited for families with older children.

Slow maturation

No matter how decorative the breed, it is absolutely not suitable for people who prefer a quiet lifestyle. Like many large dogs, Afghan hounds grow very slowly - they remain awkward and mischievous teenagers every year. To educate devout companions from these rebels, it will take a lot of effort.

But if you are ready for difficulties, then you will be able to see the Afghans on the other side. When the dog recognizes your unshakable authority, it will show its best features: delicacy, poise, affection and devotion.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles The cost of puppies for Afghan hounds varies from 20 000 to 50 000 rubles.


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