Types and description of breeds of terriers


Almost all known breeds of terriers are bred in the British Isles. Due to their versatile use in hunting, they gradually spread throughout the world.

The first mention of terriers dating back to the 16th century is found in Johann Cayuz in a book in Latin "About British Dogs". The name of the terrier comes from the Latin word terra - land (terrier).

Types of terriers

Today, about 30 different kinds of terriers of different sizes are known, with a variety of colors and length of wool, but very similar in nature. The shortest breed among the terriers is the dandy dinmont, whose height at the withers is 200 mm.

Бостон терьер The tallest of the terriers is the airedale terrier with a height at the withers of 600 mm. Young breeds are; Boston terrier , bred in the United States, an Australian terrier from Australia, in Germany, was bred yagdterrier. The youngest breed includes the Czech Terrier, recognized in 1963 by the International Cynological Federation as a new breed.

Most of the terriers are hairless, but there are among them both smooth-haired and long-haired with soft or tough hair. Coat of woolly terriers is processed by pinching (trimming).

The breeds of terriers from the very beginning of their breeding and breeding were used mainly in hunting. Their largest representative, the Airedale Terrier, has recently been used as a service dog. Terriers in the Czech Republic are widely used and most often used for hunting are fox terriers, welsh terriers and yagter terriers.

In the British Isles, with the breeding of most breeds of terriers, the Old English Terrier and the Black and Tan Haired Terrier, one of the ancestors of all three hunting breeds, mentioned above, played a decisive role.

Old English black terrier with a tawny tan (black and Tan), according to many - the great Irish terriers, fox terriers and Airedale terriers. This dog was not the same type and had a different size. Its weight is from 8 to 12 kg.

These hunters used yorkshire hunters in yorkshire to hunt for fox, badger, otter and other predators. They were very temperamental dogs, but they did not know how to swim and did not possess such a fine scent as ottergaounds (hounds on an otter). Crossing them with ottergaundami, brought large and brave terriers - Airedale terriers.

In Europe, the greatest distribution of terriers was fox terrier (fox terrier), somewhat less - welsh terrier (Welsh terrier). One of the young breeds of terriers - yagdterrier was bred in Germany more than 50 years ago.

Terriers with a height at the withers not exceeding 400 mm and used to hunt predators in burrows are included in the group of normal dogs. Our normal dogs include: fox terriers, coarse and smooth-haired, yagter terrier, welsh terrier, Scottish terrier, leklend terrier and Czech terrier.

Some of these breeds, apart from hunting in burrows, are also successfully used for hog boar or working on water. Large Bull Terrier and Irish Terrier are not suitable for burrowing, but are successfully used in hunting wild boar.

Photo of terriers

Денди димонт терьер

Джек рассел терьер


Скай терьер

Скотч терьер


Чешский терьер


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