Constipation in dogs: what to do? Symptoms and treatment of the disease

Запор у собак

Constipation in dogs is a difficult bowel movement or lack of it for several days. In this case, stools solidify and accumulate in the large intestine. Sometimes they are observed foreign inclusions (fragments of bones) and when defecation there are painful sensations.

Constipation - not a rare phenomenon in dogs, especially in sedentary and elderly.

Causes of constipation in dogs

First of all, this is caused by improper feeding of the animal: the feeding of bones, especially tubular chicken or boiled, as well as other items with questionable digestibility. As well as inaccuracies in the diet, such as,

  1. Feeding steep broth,
  2. A large amount of digestible fiber,
  3. Animal overfeed

Often constipation occurs when feeding with dry food , if it does not fit the pet. Also constipation in dogs is a consequence of various diseases of internal organs:

  • Liver and kidneys, intestines, pancreas, crotch, rectum, anus
  • Neurological and orthopedic problems
  • Diseases of the paranal glands
  • Prostate diseases in males

In order to establish the cause of constipation in a dog, you need to look at the changes in appetite and thirst, the presence of vomiting and the peculiarities of urination. You need to take into account both the diet and the age of the animal.

У собаки запор: что делать? Already during the examination, the doctor can be diagnosed, because even without special examination and analysis, you can identify diseases of the rectum, perineum, paranal glands, the presence in the digestive system of foreign bodies, orthopedic or neurological problems that can interfere with the normal act of defecation.

In addition, X-ray study of the abdominal cavity, blood tests, if necessary, an X-ray with contrast substance (barium sulfate), which allows to assess the intestinal permeability and ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, is used for diagnosis.

Treatment of constipation in dogs

What if the dog has constipation? How to treat?

As a therapy, first of all, agents that can soften fecal masses are used: vaseline oil or lactulose preparations (Lactusan, Dufalac and the like).

The best therapeutic and preventive agent for constipation in dogs has always been enemas. They are able to release the intestine from a large number of hardened feces. And if there are a lot of bone fragments in the intestine, it is often necessary to remove them mechanically under general anesthesia.

If the animal has vomiting in addition to constipation, the dog does not eat anything for several days , then infusion therapy (droppers) is needed, which saves the body from dehydration.

In more severe cases, veterinarians resort to surgical removal of part of the large intestine along with its contents.

If the dog, especially the elderly, is prone to constipation, then it is necessary to take preventive measures (add greens and kefir to the diet) and never give bones.

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