Furminator for dogs: types, advice on choice

Фурминатор для собак

Every owner of a fluffy dog is aware of the problem of lumps of wool flying around the house, not only in autumn and spring during the period of a large seasonal moult. Like a person, a dog's hair falls out and is updated all year round.

One salvation is combs and puhotrulki, but they comb out only dead hair, and the undercoat remains in place and continues to "stir" around the house.

Furminator for dogs is a new invention, helping to comb out the undercoat. It looks like a comb, but it has a steel blade with denticles and a rubber grip. The secret lies in the unique design of the blade with numerous slots that easily removes the dead undercoat without damaging the hair.

The tool is excellent for long-haired and short-haired dogs with undercoat: schnauzers, labradors, gold retrievers and other breeds. However, it should not be used for dogs that do not have an undercoat: shih-tzu , bullets , Australian silky terrier or poodle .

Types of dog lancers for dogs

Фурминатор для собак Deluxe These tools vary in width of the blade. There are three sizes: 4.5 cm, 6.7 cm and 10 cm. The smallest, as a rule, is used only for cats and rabbits. Medium for small dogs and the largest for large dogs. If the house has several animals of different sizes, you can purchase one large or medium tool.

Furminators come in two main series: Classic and DeLuxe. The classic series has a reliable monolithic design and a fairly low price of about 1500-1600 rubles. The tools of the DeLuxe series have a more ergonomic handle, which reduces the load on the brush and a special button to remove the wool from the blade. Such fines are from 2,000 to 2,400 rubles. At the same time, the quality of combing is the same, since in any series one principle of action is retained.

To get rid of the hassle with wool, in the off-season it is enough to comb out the dog once a month, and during moulting a couple of times a week for 10-20 minutes. Wool must be dry. To comb, follow the course of hair growth, without exerting excessive force. Such a massage is very like even those animals that do not really favor the comb. This is a recommendation for a minimum of combing, as far as the maximum, there are no restrictions and you can deliver your dog even though daily.

Advantages of a fleet for dogs

Although the main purpose of this tool is to save the owners of dogs from problems with moulting and wool in the house, it is very useful for other parameters. So, in addition to combing the necrotic undercoat, the fleet has several additional advantages.

He penetrates into the coat quite deeply, taking out the deadly undercoat. At the same time, the hair coat is not injured, but gently combed. As a result, the animal's coat looks much more groomed.

When combing the fuser, the animal's skin is gently massaged, blood circulation improves, the secret secreted by canine glands is evenly distributed over the surface of the coat. This significantly improves the condition of the coat.

Also, constant combing with the help of a laminator helps to prevent long-haired dogs from appearing coats, caused by an unvaried or poorly combed undercoat.

Where can I buy a fleet for dogs?

Now the market of products for dogs presents a wide selection of these products for every taste and at any price: from budget models of little-known companies to expensive devices of world famous brands. If you are professionally engaged in grooming, then it is not recommended to save. In this case, it's better to buy a well-known lumbermaker, for example TRIXIE or Deluxe. The average price for these devices is from 2000 to 2500 rubles.


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