A dog for a child. The best breeds of dogs for children


"Mom, Dad, I want a dog ... Please ... A little puppy ... Please ... I'll behave ... Well, please ..."

A dog for a child? And you almost physically feel, how your habitual, quiet way of life collapses with all outdoor vases and plants. You feel like ripping your carpets and breaking furniture.

But is an impeccable, lacquered life worth the happiness of your child? And then after 40 or 50 years of life you will complain that your adult daughter or son so rarely visits you when you really need their help. In our life, all things are very much interconnected.

Собака для ребенка

I'm sure that your child's happiness is above all for you. Once I was also faced with the choice of whether a dog is needed for a child or not. And the way I went through this situation, I can share with you my experience. I hope that it will be useful to you.

Of course, at first you will think how terrible it all is - a puddle on your favorite rug, a broken vase, chewed slippers. But - this is the usual behavior of any normal puppy, regardless of whether he has a pedigree or not. But gradually, with proper upbringing, this woolen ball with eyes with buttons will bring to your family a hundred times more joy than the initial inconvenience. Do you find it hard to believe it? But it really is.

What is the advantage of a dog for a child?

Девочка с американским кокер спаниелем Psychologists have long discovered that children growing near animals quickly develop a sense of responsibility for their actions . This is the most valuable human quality and it is unlikely to develop if your child is spending time in games with plush toys or computers.

In addition, children willingly trust their four-legged friends with their problems, secrets and fears. According to psychologists, most children believe that dogs are always ready to listen to them, comfort them and support them in a difficult moment. But do parents always have time for this? Or even to see that the child has some troubles?

German psychologists based on an analysis of a number of experiments and studies concluded that the dog in the house actively influences the upbringing of the child. They proved that for dogs, children learn very important human qualities:

  • Devotion,
  • Honesty,
  • Tolerance of the shortcomings of other people,
  • Inability to meanness,
  • The ability to forgive,
  • Unconditional love.

Therefore, before you refuse your child in the purchase of a four-legged friend, think carefully about all the pros and cons of the dog for the child.

Another situation is possible. Some people say: " The dog is not for our child, because our son (daughter) is afraid of dogs ." However, I can object to this. If you have a dog, your child will get rid of this fear. He will increase self-esteem and have a sense of pride that he has a four-legged friend.

Once I became an occasional listener of children's conversation. They talked about dogs, spoke with love. And one boy said that he had a golden retriever. While others had small breed dogs or no dogs at all. When he spoke, other children asked him to lead and show them the dog.

They all wanted to be friends with this boy, and he instantly found himself in the spotlight. This boy was very proud of himself that he has such a dog. Usually, boys like large, impressive dogs, while girls prefer small, fluffy and beautiful dogs.

How to choose a dog for a child? What kind of breed is better to buy?

When you choose a breed of dog, do not forget about the age of the child. Even if your child is already in his teens, remember that the weight of the dog should not exceed your child's weight . Otherwise, he can not keep the dog at a critical moment. Also find out the requirements of the law regarding the dog's content. If your child is too young and you want a large breed of dog, then I recommend that you wait a few years for the child to grow up. Dogs, even those brought up and tender can by negligence cause pain to the child.

Choose a dog for a small child, too, is not always an easy decision. Very often small dogs do not like it when they are rudely or not cautiously treated. I mean such breeds of dogs as Chihuahua , Pomeranian Pomeranian , Pekingese, miniature pinscher. They usually do not tolerate such an attitude and can growl and bite. In this respect, dogs of large breeds are much more tolerant. Another disadvantage of dogs of small breeds is that they are very fragile, it is easy enough for them to cause harm through negligence.

Собака для ребенка I also met young mothers who said that they often walk on the street with a small child and it would not be difficult for them to take a dog with them for a walk. In reality, it is very difficult, because it is necessary to observe both the child and the dog at the same time. Puppy is the same child.

There are many breeds of dogs . Each breed has its own characteristics and skills. Does your child like to ride a bicycle? Then choose a dog for a child of the kind that your child's hobby will like.

For example, a Dalmatian . He will run, not tired, after a bicycle for hours. If you have a boy and he is more than 7 years old, choose a dog that likes to play with a ball or a plastic plate.

For example, for this, a collie collie or some hounds is ideal. They like to catch balls or plates more than anything in the world. If you have a small daughter, then you can choose a miniature poodle or Yorkshire terrier .

Girls will like to comb them and tie them bows. Now there is a lot of clothes and ornaments for small dogs. Choose a chihuahua for a girl or a Chinese crested dog and your child will like to dress them up. Breeds of dogs that have been bred for protection, such as the Rottweiler or Doberman , are usually not recommended for children.

Here are the best breeds of dogs for a child:

  1. Golden retriever
  2. Welsh Corgi
  3. West Highland White Terrier
  4. Irish Setter
  5. Schnauzer
  6. Labrador retriever
  7. Poodle
  8. Bichon Frize
  9. Airedale
  10. Beagle

Dogs are amazing! I wish everyone to have a dog. But you must remember that this is a very responsible step. Before you buy a dog for a child, you should learn as much as possible about the breed that you choose. You must prepare your family and child. You must tell the children that the dog is not a toy. And they will take care of her. I wish you a great choice!


  1. Hurray, it was already possible to persuade my grandmother to have a dog, my mother is left, my mother thinks)) But my mother also wants to get a dog))

  2. I really wanted a puppy ... and one day my mom and dad went to a big pet shop and my dad and mom liked puppies very much and they bought us a puppy

  3. How long have I wanted a dog, but my mother is always against me. I really love animals, but parents are against and when I start talking about a dog they say that there will not be a dog in the house.


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