The causes and treatment of allergies in dogs

Аллергия у собак

Allergies in dogs are the body's reaction to a substance that is dangerous to the immune system and reacts by rejection.

Symptoms of allergy in dogs are manifested by itchy skin, reddening and rashes, the appearance of dandruff in places where the animal often itches, there appear bald spots. Wool may fall out and not in places of carding, but unevenly throughout the body. However, external manifestations are only a visible part of the problem, and its basis in the internal environment of the organism.

Products and substances that cause allergies in dogs

Most often, dogs develop a food allergy as an immune response to certain foods or substances in them:

  1. Proteins,
  2. bromine,
  3. iodine

The most common allergies in dogs are:

  • Boiled and raw poultry meat,
  • Fish and cod liver oil,
  • Boiled and raw eggs,
  • dairy,
  • yeast,
  • Soya and products from it,
  • citrus,
  • Red vegetables and fruits,
  • Vegetable oils (soybean, linseed), etc.

And, of course, smoked products and salty foods, chocolate and sugar, which are categorically contraindicated to the dog. Also, the allergy may arise from dry dog food , if some of its ingredients do not fit the animal.

But only 20-40 cases of allergies in dogs account for the food reaction. Allergies can also cause medications. For example, any antibiotics, amidopyrine (pyramidone), sulfanilamide preparations, alfalfa (alfalfa extract), barbiturates, butadione, chloral hydrate, novocaine, morphine, digitalis, quinine, serum and vaccines based on live bacteria, bee / flower pollen, injections Vitamin B1, vitamins based on brewer's yeast (more often, complexes of vitamins B).

Симптомы и лечение аллергии у собак This kind of allergy, such as contact dermatitis, may appear after washing the dog with an unsuitable shampoo. Bites of insects ( fleas , mosquitoes, bees, ticks , etc.) can also provoke an allergic reaction: itching and dandruff.

There is also an infectious allergy caused by disease-causing viruses, bacteria, fungi, helminths (worms in dogs), and the like.

It is not always possible to quickly determine what the animal is allergic to, since the reaction can occur several minutes after exposure to the undesirable substance, and after a few days (delayed-action reaction).

If the medicine or shampoo is easy to replace and the parasites destroyed, then the greatest problem is food allergy, because often there is not a specific product, but a certain substance that can be contained in different products. And it's not just about natural nutrition. On dry food can be no less acute reaction.

Treatment of allergies in dogs

The basis of treatment for allergies is the exclusion of interaction with the allergen. That is, before treating medication, it is necessary to determine the allergen and to remove its effect. Therefore, if there is a suspicion of an allergic reaction to food, you need to analyze what has changed in the diet of the dog, what unexpected foods it could eat in the last few days.

It can be sweets or exotic fruits, various "bones" with flavors and dyes, food additives, dog cookies and biscuits and the like. When natural feeding is more likely to cause allergy fish or chicken.

Any suspicious product should be excluded, and the dog should be put on a strict diet, leaving only one protein source and one carbohydrate in the diet.

If the reaction does not weaken within two weeks, you need to contact the veterinarian .

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