How to persuade parents to buy a dog?


Often we are emailed to the young visitors of the site, the main question of which is: " How can I persuade parents to buy a dog? "Of course, it's very good that children love our dumb friends, a person needs this, because it expands the horizons of knowing the world, helps to understand our smaller brothers and treat them with sympathy.

But remember: one love is not enough. More work, patience, and knowledge are needed. Raising a dog, you educate yourself.

Before saying: "I want to buy a dog!", Ask yourself: "Can I?", "Do I know how to educate her, how to take care of her, how to feed her, to train?", "With whom the puppy will remain, when I go to School, to the service, to take a walk with friends? ", Who will I turn to for help if my pet gets sick, where is the nearest veterinary hospital?", "Do I have enough time to study with a dog?", "I want to go out with her on the street In rainy weather, in frost? "

Many books, magazines, newspapers, as well as our Internet resource will help you answer many of these questions. So, you all have considered, read a lot of books, articles and are ready for the fact that a four-legged friend will appear in the house.

But you live in a family, and here there is a problem - the biggest and the most intractable. Mom, dad is against. Perhaps, letters about parents who do not allow the dog to take the most. For starters, let's say: not everyone can keep animals. As the English say, it is not necessary that every house has a dog, but every dog ​​should have a house. Perhaps, adults have their own good reasons for refusing a son or daughter for their request.

There can be many such reasons: a small apartment, there is no one to look after the four-legged, neighbors, insufficient material security, because the dogs are very expensive today, and their maintenance, feeding, treatment requires a lot of money. Of course, all this is a weak consolation for the one who sleeps and sees himself as the owner of the Boyfriend, Sharik, Rex ...

Девочка с собакой

And yet this has to be reckoned with. Very often refusal comes from ignorance of what kind of being a dog is. They did not keep her in the house. But how to open up to my father, my beauty, the beauty of the animal, if you only have a general idea about this? Therefore, we repeat: learn. It will be easier for you to explain what the dog brings to the house. Try to attach not very accommodating parents to the literature about dogs, bring them to the exhibition. Let the parents read the article on our website: Dog for the child .

Well, in the hopeless cases, there is only one thing - to wait, when you grow up, you will become independent. And one more tip - maybe your impeccable behavior, knowledge of dogs, good academic performance at school will help parents to want to make you such an invaluable gift. If you still managed to break the resistance of the parents, the following questions arise:

Which breed to choose and where to buy a dog?

Let's just say: do not rush. Before choosing a breed, learn about it as much as possible. Think about the conditions of its content, the purposes for which you want it. It is recognized that the best service dogs are German shepherds . They are unpretentious to the conditions of keeping and feeding, are well trained to various types of service and are hardy when working in any climatic conditions of Russia.

But this does not mean that all other breeds are worse. Good service dogs include, in particular, Caucasian, Central Asian and South Russian shepherds - they are excellent guard dogs; Rottweilers, collies, Airedale terriers, bulldogs are successfully used for the protection of apartments and houses, and besides are excellent companions for sports.

What kind of dog should I buy?

About some breeds you can sometimes hear so many stupid things that you marvel.

Is the Doberman bad? Nonsense! Great dog. And because of the jumps, the ability to climb, dexterity, he has no equal. His hair cover is not rich, he is afraid of frosts - this is true. But this, perhaps, although significant, but its only drawback, and even if you live in the conditions of the northern climate.

Similarly, in vain denigrate the Great Dane, stating that he is stupid and poorly trained. Stubborn - this is true. And strongly. But already, but how nice, when he performs your slightest desire, obeys the command, gesture, sometimes even the expression of the eyes ...

Do you need a dog for the soul? You have a great choice: a poodle , a toy terrier, a lapdog, a Yorkshire terrier , a Pekingese. If you are a hunter or are going to become one, think about the fox terrier, the dachshund, the Afghan greyhound, the setter, the kurtshaar ...

Девочка с французским бульдогом

A dog with a rich, warm coat, of course, it is better to keep on the street, but not in a dark, petrol-smelling garage. The sun, the light is just as necessary for the canine body as clean air, water, movement.

Long walks are useful for any dog. If it's cold outside, you need to make it move more, run. By the way, it will be useful (taking into account age and state of health) and the owner.

Of course, to buy a dog is preferable to a puppy. But, of course, an adult dog can get used to you and become attached. It all depends on you, on your desire, skill, persistence of patience, will and work. Although we must remember that a significant role in the behavior of puppies is played by congenital, inherited characteristics.

If you want to have a thoroughbred, healthy dog, do not take the puppy from your hands, from strangers, random people. It is best to contact the club. Choosing a puppy even on the recommendation of the club - not a very simple matter. Do not "throw" at the first puppy offered to you. Look carefully at all the litter, the conditions of detention.

Puppies, whose first days of life were in a dark room, who had contact with fellow tribesmen only in the short minutes of feeding, may in the future become "problem" dogs. Find out from the breeder whether his pets were exposed to anthelmintic drugs, whether they were given the necessary vaccinations, to what food the pups are accustomed to.

By the way, about feeding. If you want to kill your animal, feed it from your table. So if you have the time, energy and resources, prepare a separate table for him, including all the necessary supplements. We advise you to immediately accustom your pet to specialized dry dog ​​food , which is now sold in our country enough. Which of them to choose, decide for yourself, consult with experts, divorcees.

So, you made a decision that will significantly affect the next 10-15 years of your life. What will be these years, depends on you.



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