Castration of dogs

Кастрация собак

Castration of dogs has its supporters and opponents. Against castration, the masters of the animal always have one funny argument: he needs to become a father.

So people attribute to the dog their moral and ethical tortures, which the animals do not have. The animal is guided only by the instinct of reproduction. If castration removes it from his instinct, it will not suffer and suffer. As will not be shy and his friends and girlfriends.

Castration is not just a whim of a cruel dog breeder. This is a humane attitude to your pet, as it becomes more joyful and healthy.

When castration of dogs is necessary

  1. You are not going to participate in exhibitions (castrated animals are considered culling).
  2. You do not plan to breed dogs.
  3. When the matured animal becomes aggressive and unmanageable.
  4. You have children and a large male in your family who shows signs of aggression of domination towards family members.
  5. You care about the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system and tumors, since an uncastrated animal that does not have a sexual realization is prone to such diseases.

Кастрирование собак

Castration of dogs: age

The best age for castration is immediately after puberty. That is, in the representatives of small breeds this will be 5-7 months, and for large breeds it will be 8-10 months. Previously, it is better not to castrate the animal, as it can slow down its physiological development and lead to the development of urolithiasis. At an operation at a later age, the dog may have sexual behavior. Although it is rare.

Castration can be performed at any age for medical reasons. That is, for the purpose of treatment for diagnoses: orchitis, neoplasm of testes, deep injuries of testes, scrotum, spermatic cord. Or, in order to prevent diseases of the genitourinary sphere, it is possible to castrate an adult animal that has already realized its instinct.

How is the castration of dogs

Castration of dogs is an operation to remove the sex glands (testicles or ovaries). Now the most reliable means of recognizing the surgical method, although previously used many different chemical and other methods. But they were either not humane, or ineffective. Before the operation, the dog should be healthy, it is kept on a starvation diet for 12 hours, since the operation is under general anesthesia.

After the anesthesia works, the male is incised, through which the testicles are removed. The surgical wound is stitched, which is removed after 8-10 days with a favorable outcome. The doctor can prescribe a course of antibiotics for the post-operation period. Several days there may be postoperative edema. If any bleeding or discharge occurs, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Among dog breeders, there is a myth that a neutered dog becomes so non-aggressive that it turns into a quiet sofa cushion. But this is really a myth. Rather, your pet "falls into childhood", forever a cheerful puppy. At the same time, he will live longer and have less pain. Not entering into fights with other males and not escaping behind bitches, he has less chance to be injured or get under the car.


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