The dog bites the child with whom it grew


Many families with young children have dogs. Often they bite children. Adults start to resent and do not understand what is happening.

In fact, everything can be explained very simply. In front of the dog, almost all family members are engaged in raising a child. In the course of this process, people resort to raising their voices, shouting, threatening intonations, slapping, etc.

Seeing all this, the dog understands that this is normal behavior with the child, which is permissible for everyone. Over time, she begins to bite the child. This is not done for the purpose of eating it, but for the purpose of understanding that this behavior of the child does not like the dog.

Dogs very rarely resort to a bite. First they start to growl, beat their teeth and only then they can bite really. The expression of discontent of the dog can speak grin, barking or growling.

Собака с девочкой The dog accepts the family in which she lives, for a pack. And every flock must have a boss and subordinates. This need for a dog is inherent in nature.

In any family, the dog will try to take a place closer to the leader. She quickly understands who in the house is the master. And the main right of the leader is to manage other members of the family, punish them for any disobedience.

Children often provoke dogs to aggression. The child can approach the canine bowl, get a finger in the eye, etc.

The puppy poses no danger to the child. And as we grow older, the dog understands the child faster than the child and what is more important.

The task of adults in time to notice the manifestation of the aggression of the dog in relation to the child and suppress it. So you will let the dog know that its hierarchical level in the family is below the child's level. It is not excluded that the dog will begin to see in the child a competitor for the right of leadership.

Dogs are too complex creatures. Therefore, you never need to say that your dog can not bite a child.


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