Rabies in dogs

Бешенство собак

Unfortunately, most animal-related troubles occur because people know too little about them. And, because of this ignorance often suffer not only pets, but also the owners.

Particularly fruitful soil for the birth of "myths and legends" - dog diseases. And one of them - the most dangerous - rabies in dogs.

Alas, sometimes relying only on rumors transmitted from mouth to mouth familiar and familiar acquaintances, we make mistakes that can cost us and our loved ones life. So, in the city of Podolsk, a 9-year-old girl who was bitten by a stray dog recently died.

Parents treated the wound with greenery, and after a month and a half they took the child to the ambulance to the intensive care unit. Say goodbye to her daughter, they did not have time - the doctors gave the girl a diagnosis of "rabies" and helped already what they could not. But after all, if parents initially assumed that all the blame - rabies in dogs, then everything could be not so sad.

This tragic case is not isolated. All the blame - the following "myths".

Myths about rabies in dogs

Myth 1. Only "crazy" animals are dangerous

This is not true. A rabid dog, not necessarily even from afar, looks like a monster with bloodshot eyes and a bubbling saliva from the mouth. That's why even if you are bitten or scratched by a perfectly healthy dog ​​or cat, you still need to go to the doctor. The key feature that should make you worry is the word "unfamiliar". If you see an animal for the first time, it does not have a home or hosts - be sure to take tests!

Бешеная собака

For those who do not want to waste their time on "unnecessary" visits to the polyclinic, let us quote the words of sanitary doctors: "The rabies pathogen in dogs can be in the saliva of an animal 10 days before the appearance of the first visible symptoms of the disease. That is, the beast can behave quite "normal" - but already be contagious.

In the risk group, of course, they adore their own and other people's animals. Do not let your kids to unfamiliar pets: both wild and domestic!

Even if your child's arms or legs are simply "fooled" (profuse salivation - the initial sign of rabies!), He already has a chance to get infected - through mucous membranes, wounds and microcracks on the skin.

It is interesting that the main source of rabies is not cats and dogs, but wild animals are foxes, hedgehogs. When they are ill, they lose their instinctive caution and come to the place where people gather - to cottages, to villages, to the outskirts of cities.

Alas, people do not think about why forest dwellers behave like hand-made households, and take them in their hands, feed them, and iron them. This is a fatal mistake. Rabies is an incurable disease, which annually kills 30,000 people in the world. Save from it can only vaccination - and vigilance.

Myth 2 about rabies in dogs. The attacking beast must be destroyed immediately

In no case! On the contrary, the attacking beast needs to be kept in order to find out if it is sick at the very deeds. If it turns out that he is simply aggressive, you will avoid treatment and gloomy thoughts.

If you were bitten by a dog that was walking with the owner, take a phone from him or give him yours. If his pet is sick, he will understand it no later than 10 days later. Unfortunately, usually homeless dogs show aggression. It is simply impossible to follow them.

If the familiar dog, your neighbor or neighbor, has gone mad and attacked, first close it somewhere. You can immediately go to the nearest anti-rabic point, by calling the ambulance on the phone you can find out the address. Point staff will give you immediate help, then call the veterinarian - and he will tell you what to do with the dog next.

If during the defense against a mad dog you killed it, this option is better than nothing. In this case, the body can be inspected at the veterinary station. But we must bear in mind: if rabies are not found, this does not indicate that it was originally absent! What for then it is necessary to check? - you can ask. All elementary: if you still have the virus, you will have a strong incentive to adhere to the prescriptions of doctors.

Myth 3 about rabies in dogs. Vaccination is 30 painful injections in the abdomen

Today, for the prevention of rabies, only 5-6 painless injections are applied to the shoulder.

The modern scheme of emergency prophylaxis of rabies: the treatment of wounds, scratches, abrasions and "places of mourning." Then - a six-fold injection of rabies vaccine: be sure on the day of the bite (!), Then 3, 7, 14, 30 and 90 days. And in especially dangerous cases - also a single administration of an antirabic immunoglobulin - also on the day of the bite.

Злая, бешеная собака

However, not everything is so simple. All the time spent on vaccination, and this - about six months, a person can not be overtired, drink alcohol (it deactivates the vaccine), swim in the pool and ponds, go to the gym and in general seriously engage in sports. Fortunately, these recommendations do not apply to ordinary "household" loads.

Myth 4. Rabies in dogs is curable

It is curable, but not in dogs, but in humans. Save yourself, but at the same time - your favorite pet, which suddenly began to rush to the owners, it is impossible. A rabid dog needs to be put to sleep .

If immediately after contact with a sick animal you have completed the full course of vaccination, you will not get sick. But if the bitten first symptoms are manifested - no one can cure him any more.

Unfortunately, only three cases of successful treatment of rabies after the development of symptoms are known throughout the world. Note that the incubation period of rabies lasts from 10 to 90 days, in rare cases - up to a year.

The first signs of the disease appear at the site of the bite: the scar is swollen, reddens, and the itch and pain appear on the bitten portion of the body. Then comes the temperature, the appetite disappears, the person experiences a general malaise ...

If the dog bites you ...

It is necessary to wash the place of bite with water, then treat it with an aqueous solution of laundry soap. It will not be superfluous to grease the wound with greenery or iodine. Tie up with a bandage or apply an antiseptic bandage. And then immediately visit a doctor!

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