Top 5 most undervalued dogs for families with children

Cобака для ребенка и породы для детей

Buying a dog for a child, we want to get a friendly and cheerful creature, which will become a friend and companion to children for many years.

All over the world deserved popularity is enjoyed by labradors, retrievers, collies. These dogs are gorgeous. But do not forget that there are more than 400 different breeds. Most of them will perfectly cope with the role of a family dog.

It remains only to choose a pet, based on our desires, needs and opportunities. What do you think about these not the most popular, but no less intelligent and sociable than Labradors or Shepherds, dogs?

  1. Beagle. Absolutely charming dog of medium size, with short hair, and amusing long ears. The smallest representative of the hounds. She is extremely friendly, playful, and gets on well with children. If your children can not sit still, crave adventures, discoveries and research, beagle will become for them an ideal companion and companion.
  2. German Great Dane . Do not worry, this huge dog is tender, like a calf, patient and faithful. She will become not only a friend of your child, but also a nanny, bodyguard and even a sports simulator. Great danes need long walks, your family will be provided with physical activity. Of course, it is difficult to keep dogs in small apartments.
  3. Samoyed Laika (Samoyed) . Oh, this is a magnificent animal. The owner of an amazing white fur coat and an unusual smile, which the Samoyeds are famous for. Samoyeds are active, friendly and sociable, easily trained, adore children. Girls will especially love this dog for its beauty and cheerful disposition. The wool of Samoyeds needs constant care. Here's to you the first lessons of hairdressing skills. Samoed
  4. Cocker Spaniel . Playful, funny, energetic and courageous dogs. Just like children. Delicate wool and small size makes them attractive even for shy, shy children.
  5. The gorrel . Take the dog from the shelter. Visit the orphanage with the children, show them that suffering exists. Sooner or later they will have to find out. The child must understand that when choosing a dog in a shelter, he saves her life. This will teach him responsibility and compassion. The mongrel are the most grateful creatures in the world. Love and devotion will be guaranteed for many years. And, incidentally, it will be much cheaper than a "club" thoroughbred dog.

Finally, I want to note that all dogs need training and training, in which, in addition to the basic rules of behavior, you will instill in your pet the rules of conduct with children.


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