Wounds in a dog, treatment of wounds in dogs

лечение ран у собак

Wounds in dogs can occur in different circumstances and in different situations:

With all the injuries of the dog during the hunt, training or usual walk, before taking the pet to the veterinary clinic, the master must be able to correctly handle all possible wounds in the dog so that the animal does not bleed on the way to the hospital.

In this article we will consider the types of wounds in dogs, as well as the ways of their treatment and treatment.

The dog's wound is not big and superficial


Wash the wound in the dog with hydrogen peroxide, a solution of furacilin or rivanol, grease with iodine (can be green) and bandage. In the field, when there are no medicines, wash the wound with drinking water, attach a plantain leaf, white pulp of the fungus-raincoat, in extreme cases, you can use the liquid produced by your body.

In no case should the dog be licked with tongue, but not because it is harmful: on the contrary, the dog's saliva contains a substance capable of killing bacteria; But the dog can damage his tongue skin around the wound, and besides lick all the necessary medicines from the surface of the wound.

The best way to heal a wound in a dog is an ordinary green that disinfects the wound and dries it. Usually you can use zelenok 1-2 times a day.

The lacerated wound in the dog is extensive and deep, but practically uncontaminated


Lubricate the coat around the wound with iodine, alcohol, vodka, refined gasoline. After this, cut the hair, making sure that they do not hit the wound, apply a sterile bandage. Having provided first aid, the dog must be delivered no later than 6-12 hours from the moment of receiving a wound to the doctor for the provision of qualified surgical care.

The lacerated wound is extensive and deep, heavily polluted


Wash the wound in the dog with hydrogen peroxide, a solution of potassium permanganate (pale pink), a solution of furacilin, rivanol or pure boiled water (cold). Cut the edges of the wound with iodine (zelenok), apply a sterile bandage.

Then, no later than 6-12 hours after receiving the wound, the dog should be taken to the doctor for the provision of qualified surgical care.

Лечение ран у собак

Penetrating chest injury

Symptoms are the exhalation of the air with each inhalation and exhalation with a characteristic wheezing sound and bloody foam that is then sucked back through the wound opening. Usually the death of a dog comes as a result of suffocation. In no event should this be allowed.

And therefore it is necessary to act quickly and skillfully.


First, as soon as possible, stop the access of air to the chest cavity; Second, the edges of the wound in the dog treated with iodine; Thirdly, the skin and hair in a circle at a distance of 5-6 cm from the edge of the wound lubricate with petroleum jelly; Fourthly, attach a piece of plastic bag, film, waxed paper and then, applying top cotton wool, firmly bandage.

You can suggest another way: clean gauze napkin, bandage, a clean rag soaked profusely in a disinfectant solution or in a solution of iodine with water, then make a gag and close the wound, but so that it does not penetrate into the cavity of the chest and does not infect the infection with Edges of the wound. Then apply polyethylene and tightly bandage.

The first way is more simple and reliable. After providing first aid, the dog should be taken to the veterinarian, and not later than 6-8 hours after receiving the injury, because penetrating wounds of the chest in the dog are dangerous with its consequences and fraught with complications. In such cases, surgical intervention is necessary.

Wound of the abdominal cavity

These are very serious wounds in dogs. With such wounds, the prolapse of the intestines quite often occurs. If the intestines are not damaged, then the dog can be saved!


Dropped intestines must be thoroughly washed with 0.1% solution of rivanol, furacilin or simply boiled water. Then gently place the intestines in the abdominal cavity and always apply a bandage. It is necessary to put guts very carefully so that they take their usual position.

Wrap the intestines in a clean cloth (sheet, towel, pillowcase, medical gauze), which beforehand moisten with a solution of furacilin, rivanol, baking soda (2 tablespoons per 0.5 liters of boiled water with 10-20 drops of iodine), simply boiled water to avoid Allow drying. It is good to treat with liniment of synthomycin. To the doctor to deliver not later than in 4-6 hours after reception of the wound.

Categorically you can not give a dog! If at such wounds a dog's stomach or stomach is torn, there is practically no chance for the dog to survive. Ways of applying dressings are very diverse. Without the appropriate experience and skill, it is sometimes very difficult to do this work. It is necessary to widely apply elastic bandage, band-mesh, adhesive plaster, medical glue.

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