How many dogs live? Longevity of dogs

Продолжительность жизни собак
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"How many dogs live?" What is the life expectancy of the breed we chose? " These questions are asked by all dog lovers. Unfortunately dogs do not live as long as we would like.

The average life expectancy of dogs depends on the breed

And here the rule is that the more a dog is in size , the less it measures the years of life. Here are the data on the life expectancy of dogs of some breeds, which confirm the above:

There is a huge injustice in our world. The most loyal and beloved friends of man, the dogs live, so few years. After all, for example, parrots live from 10 to 70 years, depending on the breed, turtles 50 - 200 years old, elephants - up to 60 years.

How many dogs live relative to the person's age?

In the people it is considered to be 1 year of dog life in 7 years of human life. But this is not entirely true. After all, dogs at the age of 1-year-old can already bring offspring in contrast to 7-year-old children. Most accurately, in our opinion, the correspondence of the dog's age to the age of a person is characterized by the following table taken from the book of the famous American specialist B. Foster - "The Life of a Dog":




2 months


14 months

6 months


5 years

8 months


9 years

12 months


14 years

18 months


20 years

2 years


24 years

3 years


30 years

4 years


36 years

5 years


40 years

6 years


42 years

7 years


49 years old

8 years


56 years old

9 years


63 years old

10 years


65 years old

11 years


71 years old

12 years


75 years old

13 years


80 years old

14 years


84 years old

15 years


32 years old

16 years


89 years old

Live dogs

The fastest dogs develop in the first 2 years of life. If we compare with the age of a person, then the six-month-old puppies for physical development are comparable to our five-year-old children, and the transitional age in puppies begins when he turns 1 year old. And a year later their age will correspond to the human 24 years. All these subtleties must necessarily be borne in mind when training and educating your pet. A fully formed dog becomes aged from 3 to 5 years.

This period can be called a dog's maturity. During this period, the dog is the most energetic and intelligent. At the age of 9 the dog can already be considered old. Her activity is reduced, instead of walking she prefers to lie down somewhere in the heat, the training team performs much less willingly. When your pet turns 15 years old, he is already a real long-liver. Congratulations! Well, if your dog lived such a time, then you did everything right. You have provided proper care and training for the dog. You could accustom him to the right way of life. And this allowed the dog to increase life expectancy and live peacefully.

A huge role in the well-being of the dog in the senile period is played by rational nutrition and exercise during the youth period. In old age, dogs begin to have different problems: hearing deteriorates, there may be problems with vision. Old males may be troubled by the prostate gland, because of which malfunctions appear in the genitourinary system. Dogs at a solid age lose their teeth, because of this their food should be soft, so that it does not make it difficult for your pet to swallow it. It is very important to monitor the correct weight of your dog.

Excess weight of the dog becomes an additional burden on all important systems of her body. Especially on the cardiovascular, as well as on the skeleton of the animal. Weight control is what should be done regularly, especially in the old age of the dog. Consult your veterinarian for the life of the dog. The ailments suffered by old dogs are treated much more easily and do not proceed so hard if they are detected at an early stage.

Eventually there comes a time when the owner of the dog has a dilemma: to lull the animal or prolong the sufferings of a hopelessly sick pet. Decision making is your full responsibility. Farewell to a beloved friend is not very easy. But this is life. And everyone should be ready for this.

Interesting fact!

From the Guinness Book of Records . To date, the champion in the life of dogs is a pet Lev Boll from the Australian city of Rochester - assistant shepherds named Blue. This dog survivor lived 28 years and 11 months .

It is curious that people have a lot of long-livers among shepherds and shepherds. In particular - in the Caucasus. The same can be observed among dogs. Well, fresh air and exercise can increase life not only for people.


  1. My dwarf poodle 15 he is still active and playful. He sees and hears badly, but he does not interfere with it, as artful as he was in childhood, he also comes after eating, that he is wiped his face, drags toys and demands that they play with him. We feed only not with fatty boiled beef with rice, always cooked separately and never given from the table. He even has all his teeth, only the tartar began to appear, and the vets are not recommended to be cleaned in a clinic, this stress is counter-indicative to the old dog. From the youngest age, we clean the teeth with a cotton swab and tomato paste once a week, there is no smell from the mouth. I wish longevity and health to all dogs. "

  2. I had a dachshund, lived only 6,5 years, died 6 months ago, and still can not accept this, every day I remember how good and devoted he was, he always defended me, I do not believe (((((

  3. I'm sitting here, and I'm roaring ... .revealing sorrow ... .. our most faithful friend, our boss, our Moscow watchdog was going to leave on the rainbow ... .. He's only 6 years old ... ..and, absolutely, for some reason, he was struck by stroke .... . He had a good life, he was a member of our family ... ..and even such a terrible illness did not pass him around ... .. The veterinarian treated, treated, treated, treated ...... but ...... still breathing ... .. but already stretched ... .. does not come back ...... now, I sit next to and roar .......

  4. I have a great sorrow, 13.08.2016 my dog ​​died, a dwarf poodle named Emma. She did not wake up after the operation, she was 14 years old. She was more to me than a dog. I very much grieve and suffer.

  5. And today our Bimbo Dachshund has left ... 16 years and 4 months ... I think that if there are adequate doctors, I still lived ... Weeping, it's insanely hard ... Everyone's health: both to owners and pets. And all good doctors ...

  6. My bass / terrier / 16godkov.dluchoy as a Siberian girls and boys are still interested. eating. Walks. Sleeps. And I am very glad that I have all this. I do not even know what I'm going to do without him. I understand you very much. Fasten viktor

  7. Our bologon left us at 17 and 9 months old. Before the newest year, having faded a week, refused to eat water drank a bit. Has grown thin strongly. I fed him and drank from a syringe and in any way we did not want to believe that he decided to leave. We went to a vet clinic, where doctors did droppers taking tests, and everyone talked about further examinations, giving us hope, we would not at once say that everything is hopeless. Went right in my arms in the morning. Until the last I tried to stand on the already disobedient and dispersing paws, I spent the whole night with him, did not sleep at all, I approached him taking him for a puziko and supporting him we used to go around, carry on in our arms, lullaby so as not to whine. Now it's been only six days, I lost it badly, I'm terribly bored, I read somewhere that I do not need to cry, otherwise it will be wet, I read that they see us and can think that they have offended us some time we cry. I am an adult adequate person, but I so want to believe that he went to the Rainbow and runs there frolicking and sometimes comes down to me. Bright memory to him. I think that I did not finish feeding, I did not finish playing with it, I did not regret it. I wish all owners attention, care and love for their pets. All of health.

  8. Probably, the dogs are given to us for help, they take a part of their sins and illnesses on themselves. The insane creatures, who very often suffer from the most terrible beast (man)

  9. I had a doggie with a cross between a miniature schnauzer and a collie. She lived 16.5 years, very seriously died (lung cancer). The hand did not get up to sleep, because he is like a child. It's very difficult so far.


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