Cramps in the dog. What to do?

Судороги у собак

It's hard not to be scared when the pet suddenly falls and starts shaking all over. What to do?

Where to run? How can I help him? First of all, you need to calm down immediately and remember what can be the cause of seizures - involuntary contractions of muscles.

Veterinarians distinguish convulsions (jerky contractions), tonic convulsions (slow, prolonged contractions), clonic convulsions (often repeated contractions and muscle relaxations), epileptic seizures (fits accompanied by loss of consciousness).

The most common causes of seizures in dogs:

1. Epilepsy. The owners should learn about this disease as soon as possible. Read more about it here .

2. Metabolic disorders:

3. Infections:

  • Feline infectious peritonitis;
  • Rabies ;
  • Toxoplasmosis;
  • Bacterial and fungal diseases.

4. Infectious inflammation

5. Neoplasms

6. Intoxication

7. Violation of cardiac activity

Of course, if the dog was crammed, the diagnosis can only be made by a veterinarian. But we can assume, from what exactly the animal suffers, given several features.

Судороги у собаки

Age of the pet

If the animal is less than a year old, seizures in the dog most likely indicate congenital pathology, inflammation (meningitis), metabolic disorder, poisoning (lead, ethylene glycol, organophosphorus). Seizures in dogs aged between one and five years may be a symptom of primary epilepsy, and in pets older than five, it is a sign of cancer, metabolic disorders (renal or hepatic insufficiency, pathology of the endocrine system).

Breed of an animal

As a rule, beagles , German shepherds , collies , Belgian tervurenes, convulsions produce hereditary or acquired epilepsy. Most dogs of small breeds have hypoglycemia.


Epilepsy often develops in males than in bitches. To determine the cause of seizures, the animal must be inspected. First of all, in the clinic he will have a complex blood test. If there is a suspicion of a cardiac pathology, the activity of the cardiovascular system is examined.

Chest X-ray, heart echo, abdominal ultrasound , computed tomography and MRI - all these procedures may be needed to understand what caused seizures. In feline doctors, first of all, exclude the possibility of infectious diseases - toxoplasmosis, viral peritonitis, leukemia and immunodeficiency.

What to do if the dog has cramps

The dog fell and shuddered all over. What should the owner do?

First of all, measure the temperature of the dog and try to drop a few drops of volokordin or corvalol into her tongue. And then immediately call a veterinarian. When the attacks increase, there is a danger to the life of the pet. Therefore, even before you take it to the clinic - seizures may recur, and, perhaps, this time they will be the last for your pet ...

Вызов ветеринара на дом


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