How often to wash a dog?

ухаживать за шерстью собаки

  All beginning dog breeders are interested in questions: How to wash a dog? How often and how to do it right? Bathing dogs is not so long ago recommended to host the dogs no more than twice a year. But times change, stereotypes are a thing of the past.

Nowadays, veterinarians are unanimous: dogs need to be washed as needed, the frequency of bathing depends on many factors, including the place of residence. In a big city, dogs will have to be bathed more often: dust and other harmful substances settle on the wool.

Remember the simple rules that will help you better care for her hair:

It is necessary to teach the dog to swim from early childhood. Small long-haired dogs are washed once in two weeks, smooth-haired and large - once a month. Shampoos and conditioners are used separately. They have conflicting functions, so two means in one will not work.

Use professional cosmetics for dogs : it is designed taking into account the characteristics of animals. Means for people can not be used, because they dry the skin and coat. Shampoos for pets are divided into two groups: washable and indelible. The latter include powder and spray. They are convenient to use when there is no possibility to wash the pet.

How to wash the dog correctly?

When starting to wash the dog, remember:

  • Long-haired dog must be combed, so that the coat does not get tangled after getting wet; It is more convenient to wash a small dog in a basin, and a larger one in a bathroom. At the bottom you need to lay a rug so that your feet do not slip;
  • First wash the pet under the water of a weak pressure from the shower. The temperature is about forty-forty-five degrees;
  • In the process of washing, wet the dog's hair so that there are no dry areas. The shampoo is applied a little diluted in water, gently massaged with wool and whipped with foam;
  • Washing off the shampoo, make sure that it does not stay anywhere: under the ears or under the armpits. Otherwise, inflammation is possible;
  • After bathing, wipe the dog with a towel in the direction of the growth of the coat. Then you can dry the hair dryer. Take care that the air is not too hot, do not overdry the skin;
  • During drying by a hair drier comb the hair of long-haired dogs. First, plots with a shorter coat, then everything else;
  • To teach to fenu too it is necessary from an early age: the adult dog can frighten a buzzing;
  • During bathing, offer the pet a piece of goodies , affectionately talk to it, stroke. This will help prevent a feeling of discomfort, and make the procedure a favorite activity.

Remember that combing the wool prevents it from tangling, massaging the skin, removing the dropped hairs, and improving blood circulation. Buy a furser for a dog , if you notice that it leaves its wool everywhere. He collects extra hair undercoat, while it does not damage and does not cut off the outer hair.

Look at this video, which shows how to properly wash the paws of the dog, as well as what means you can use while bathing the animal:


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