Skin diseases in dogs: causes, symptoms, types

Кожные заболевания у собак

One of the most common pathologies in dogs is skin disease. Causes and features of manifestations of these diseases are diverse.

However, despite the fact that it is much easier to detect skin diseases in dogs with the naked eye than, for example, damage to the internal organs, many hosts ignore the symptoms, and after they learn from the veterinarian that timely treatment at the clinic could save them from fighting complications.

Dermatitis is an inflammation of the dermis (the second layer of skin) located under the upper layer - the epidermis. With dermatitis, all functions of the skin are violated, and this can lead to systemic disorders.

Skin Diseases in Dogs: Causes

The Invisible Enemy

It's not a secret to anyone that a healthy amount of bacteria is usually found on healthy skin. Under certain conditions, individual microbes, becoming active, affect the deep layers of the skin and lead to inflammation. The main reason for the development of pyoderma is a violation of the integrity of the skin (wounds, ectoparasites), destruction of the protective fat layer (frequent bathing of the dog , locally used medicines, poor care), changes in the composition of normal bacterial flora.

Growing threat

кожные заболевания у собак фото To this group of skin diseases in dogs are:

  • Dermatophytosis (superficial infectious mycosis), or deprive . The disease is characterized by the appearance of rounded alopecia (bald patches). And the wool in the affected areas seems to have been sheared off. Itching is not pronounced in dermatophytosis. There may be peeling on the affected areas (seborrhea).
  • Defeat by fungus Malassezia (porosporosis). Often manifested in the field of auditory canals ( otitis ), labial folds, chin. Characterized by seborrhea, chronic moist discharge.

Insects in dogs

In 90% of cases, if the owners bring animals that suffer from severe itching to the veterinary clinic, the doctors find a parasite invasion in their pets. To this group of skin diseases in dogs are:

  • Defeat ectoparasites ( fleas , withers, lice, autumn herbal mites, heiletellae, ixodid mites);
  • Sarcoptic disease (itchy scabies);
  • Demodicosis in dogs

When affected by ectoparasites, they can be found on the animal's body.

Sarcoptic disease causes microscopic intradermal mites and is characterized by severe itching. When demodectic itching is moderate, on the skin there are alopecia.

Dangerous reaction

Allergic skin diseases in dogs are manifested by itching, alopecia, which appear when the animal is combing for a long time a certain place, it is often observed wet eczema. Distinguish:

  • Allergic flea dermatitis associated with increased sensitivity to the saliva of parasites that enter the bloodstream with a bite;
  • Atopic dermatitis - inherited hypersensitivity of the organism to allergens of the environment;
  • An allergy to food. Often accompanied by digestive tract disorders;
  • Allergic contact dermatitis, developing if the allergen (shampoos, anti-block collars, disinfectants) contacts the skin of the animal.

The hormone damages

Кожные заболевания у собак: симптомы The pathology of the skin is manifested when an organism produces hormone in excess or in deficiency. The cause of this skin disease in dogs can be a violation of the thyroid gland, the adrenal cortex, the sex glands. The main signs of such violations - the appearance of symmetrical areas of baldness , thinning of the coat, skin pigmentation. Itching is absent.

When you kill food ...

These skin diseases in dogs occur with improper feeding of pets. Very often, when a cheap dry food is given for food . Deficiency of zinc, essential fatty acids or too high calcium content in food leads to skin lesions. Symptoms are different: from a change in skin color and coat to the appearance of wet eczema.

Symptoms of skin diseases in dogs

Autoimmune diseases are manifested by itching, rash, and inflammation is noticeable on separate sites. Analyzing the most common skin diseases in dogs, you can identify the main symptoms:

  • Unbearable or moderate itching, forcing the animal to comb its skin to scratches that are tightened by crusts
  • The appearance on the skin of scaly plaques of varying size and redness, complete or local alopecia, peeling.

If microbes get on the damaged skin, the disease is complicated by an inflammatory reaction and suppuration. Itching is absent or is an extremely rare symptom in dermatitis caused by hormonal disorders, and with deprivation.

In order for your pet to be diagnosed promptly and to receive adequate treatment, if one of the signs of the disease is found, the animal should be immediately examined in the clinic, where specialists will inspect and make the necessary analyzes. Remember that it is impossible to cure skin diseases in dogs. And postponing the visit to the vet , you take away from the pet precious time, which can save his life.

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