The road to the mongrel!

беспородные собаки

They are always with us. Pathetic and proud, cute and not too bad, evil and kind, obsessive and inconspicuous - different.

Many problems are associated with them: from ethical to epidemiological, among which a special place is occupied by cynological ones.

From the point of view of specialists in the breeding and training of dogs, instead of a mongrel, we could have a friend with a rich pedigree, whose concern would be a contribution to the development of the breed. Still, many of us proudly walk the "noblemen".

Who is the most evil on the court?

Observations by zoopsychologists for yard dogs showed that, surprisingly, most of these dogs do not show serious aggression towards their fellow humans. However, the nobles are more distrustful of outsiders, thoroughbred dogs than boxers , Risenschnauzer , East European shepherds, Dobermans and Collies - to dogs that do not resemble them.

However, by ability without reason to threaten a person, mongrels and mestizos are inferior to recognized official dogs, but outstrip boxers, collies and Dobermans.

If you understand the danger to others unmotivated aggression, when, for example, on a walk the dog suddenly rushes to the passerby, then the mongrel dogs can be afraid no more than the friendly collies.

An important and unpleasant feature of some dogs is a tense attitude towards children. But even noblemen are not the most dangerous dogs. Among the "aggressiveness" they occupy only the fourth place after the Caucasian and German shepherds, rottweilers and black terriers.

Oh, the guard gets up early!

55% of respondents in the course of the dog's observations of the owners claim that their courtyard pets are excellent watchmen. Scientists confirm: barking, caused by the appearance of a prescriber or by noise behind the entrance door, is more pronounced in mongrels than in Dobermans, boxers and collies.

These same breeds of mongrels are ahead in terms of the ability to protect their owners from the threat. According to polls, 25% of the mongrels are good bodyguards, and 47% successfully guard dachas and cottages, that is, they are able to control a large area immediately.

Independent Opinion

Unfortunately the owners of domestic dogs, pedigree really has a positive effect on the ability to learn. So, Eastern European shepherds, Risenschnauzer, Rottweilers, boxers learn new commands much faster than mongrels. However, despite the claims of dog handlers, 55% of owners of domestic dogs are satisfied with the ingenuity of their four-footed friends at the training ground, and 86% - with the cleverness of their pets outside.

Due to the independence of behavior, mongrels and mestizos are second only to Caucasian sheep-dogs, leaving far behind other thoroughbred dogs. In addition, mongrel dogs very quickly learn the rules of behavior at the table and other "good" manners.

Probably because of the independent nature, the attachment of non-native dogs to chias is less pronounced than in classical breeds: Dobermans , Boxers , Rottweilers , Risenschnauzers, Collies, East European and German Shepherds . However, whatever the cynologists say, any owner of the mongrel will say how much his four-legged friend loves.

As for sociability, nonbreeding dogs are real gossips. Only East European shepherds are more communicative. In addition, the mongrels and mestizos are more affectionate than the Risenschnauzer, German and Caucasian shepherds, black terriers. Yes, and feeding mongrel dogs to their owners is cheaper than the owners of thoroughbred pets.


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