A puppy appeared in the house: the first day and the first night

В доме появился щенок: первый день и первая ночь

You have chosen a puppy and are preparing for this little miracle in your home. Get used to each other, you will be somewhere in the course of 3 months. Particular attention should be given to the very first moments of the appearance of the puppy in the house.

Before the appearance of the puppy

You need to prepare thoroughly. First, remove from the "reach zone" those items that can harm the puppy and with which you feel sorry to part. There should be no small items on the floor: staples, coins, buttons, etc. Wires must be removed. Books and magazines lying on the floor or on the couch, too, move away. As soon as everything is carefully cleaned, once again inspect the premises - are there any things that the puppy can get to?

Almost everything that he can get, will fall into his mouth. Next, we prepare a place for the future pet. Place for the dog should be located in a well-lit and sufficiently warm zone (but in no case near the heating devices!), The dog should not be disturbed by drafts. Place for the dog can not be placed in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the aisles, in the corridor or in the hallway.

A dog will need a mat - it can be a rug or a small mattress. Some owners build small booths or houses. If you decide to do this, take care that the puppy is comfortable to go there. In advance, think about where you will feed the dog - there we put a bowl. If you have not bought the toys yet, it's time, the puppy should be played, and when it grows a bit, it's also something to gnaw.

Be sure to buy a small soft toy, why - explained below. Do not forget to prepare rags for cleaning the puddles - the puppy is still small, while it will go wherever it pleases.

The first day in the house

We leave for the puppy in the afternoon. As soon as you bring him home, he will have time to look around and get a little used to the new situation; For a day he will get tired, it will be easier for him to fall asleep. Ask the owner for an item (litter, diaper, toy), which was near the baby's mom - at home place it on the dog's place.

Also take with you a soft toy that you bought, and rub it on the mother's tummy - we also put the toy in its place. The toy and the object absorbed the smell of mother, brothers and sisters, the familiar smell will soothe the puppy, it will help him to move the gap with "relatives" more easily. Remember: you can take a puppy only with two hands - under the chest and under the ass. Take the puppy for the paws, under the belly is strictly prohibited!

He may be hurt, besides, until he has not completely formed bones - you can hurt. Explain this to all household members. On the first day you should not "give" the puppy endless attention, let him be like, sniff, look around. He is small and afraid of everything, let him understand that nothing threatens him here. It is better to talk more affectionately with the puppy, using the approving intonation. He must get used to your voice. Do not often take it in his arms when he is in the process of "exploring the territory." By the way, more often call him by name, you in fact have chosen a nickname in advance, have not you?

The first night in the house

The first few nights the puppy misses her mom. It is unusual for him to fall asleep in a new environment, he is still afraid, he will "cry", that is, whine. So he calls his mother, there is no cause for concern. Of course, the easiest way to calm him is to take him to his bed. The bed is warm, you are near - the puppy will calm down and quickly fall asleep. However, be prepared for the fact that an adult dog will sleep with you.

If it's a little dog , you can still accept it. And if the puppy grows impressive size dog ? Ready to put up with it in your bedroom? If not, then get up and calm the puppy in place - stroking, affectionately talking, you can even sing a song, only quietly (otherwise the puppy will perceive it as a game). In a few days the puppy will get used to the new situation and to you, he will stop whining.

The first moments of appearance of the puppy in the house are the most exciting, first of all, for your pet. You are already prepared and know what can happen. But the puppy is still small, he does not understand much. So support your friend!


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