Monuments to dogs. Monument to Hachiko and St. Bernard Barry

Акита-ину Хатико

In this article I will tell you about unusual monuments - not world-famous writers, generals, famous military feats, heroes-astronauts or pilots.

They were established in honor of our smaller brothers - dogs, who by their loyalty, heroism, sacrifice for the sake of man proved that they are worthy of such honor.

Памятник Хатико
Photo: Monument to the Hachiko dog

I was inspired by this feature film "Hatiko - a true friend . " It tells about a dog that met its owner at the station every day, when he returned from work. Once the owner did not return - he died at work from a heart attack. But the faithful Khatiko did not lose the hope of seeing him. Long nine years he every day as before, he came to the station and met all the trains, patiently waiting for his return until late at night. And all the efforts of people to take the dog to live in another place ended the same way - Khatiko returned to the station, sat down on "his" place and waited, waited, waited ... If someone does not know Hatiko the breed of a dog is an ancient Japanese breed of dogs - akita-inu .

The most incredible thing about the film is nothing invented. Even the name of the dog is present. This sad, startling story really happened in Japan in the distant 1923. After the death of a devoted dog, the Japanese, bowing to Hachiko's loyalty, set up a monument to him, which is still standing at the station, where thousands of Japanese with flowers come to pay tribute to the symbol of loyalty and true friendship.

The first Hachiko monument was installed in Japan, in Tokyo near the Shibuya station. The monument was opened on August 15, 1948. Two more monuments dedicated to Hatiko, appeared in Japan a little later in Akita prefecture, where the famous dog comes from. One sculpture is an exact copy of the statue in Shibuya, and another depicts several puppies of the Akita breed and is called "Young Hatiko and His Friends"

However, in the world there are many monuments that are dedicated to other dogs. In the Parisian cemetery there is a statue of a dog carrying a little girl on her back. This is St. Bernard Barry, who saved 40 people from death who lost their way in the snow-capped mountains and were doomed to perish. Barry lived in the monastery of St. Bernard, located on the pass in the Swiss Alps. The winter there is very cold and long. People who had to overcome this path often died there from the cold. And the monks taught specially bred St. Bernard dogs to save lost people in the mountains.

Barry had a unique talent, and most importantly - courage and kindness. Every day, especially in bad weather, he went to the mountains to find snowstorms among the snows, warmed them with his body and helped to get to the monastery. Someone, passing by the monument of Barry, puts flowers on his grave, bowing before the courage and devotion of the dog to people who are completely unfamiliar to them.

Памятник сенбернару Бари Perhaps, the most sad is my story about the beloved dog of the conqueror of the North Pole, Georgy Sedov. During his last expedition, he fell ill with scurvy and died. Friends buried their commander and went further to the North, and Dog Fram refused to go any further - lay down on the icy grave of the master and remained there forever. Over time, he also installed a monument.

I could tell many more stories about the hero dogs, at the cost of their lives saving people. For example, about the famous Balto, who brought the vaccine to the sick, having overcome several hundred kilometers through the snowy desert. About the guide dog , which pulled the blind master from under the car, while losing his paw. And more about many, many ... They put monuments, but it seems to me that people do it not for dogs, but for themselves. To appreciate the feats of animals and remember this.

I remembered only a few among hundreds, thousands of cases. And even more than those about which no one knows. Many of you keep animals at home, and everyone can tell a lot about the devotion of their friends, their ability to empathize, support in moments of despair and even cure.

And most importantly - their unselfish love for us. Animals love us not because we are rich, successful, popular, but simply because we are their friends.



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