How to teach a puppy to the toilet?

Как приучить щенка к туалету

Accustoming your puppy to the toilet is not an easy task, and you should approach it with all seriousness.

Как приучить щенка к туалету Starting from the age of 10-15 days old, the crumbs make their first attempts to get out of their shelter and help them. A small puppy does his business quite often - it happens right after sleep, after each feeding, after games, in total - about 15 times a day.

While the baby is not given the full course of vaccinations, he can not go out on the street, therefore, you need to have patience and engage in the upbringing of the ward. To accustom the puppy to the toilet is necessary at once, try to do it in time up to 6-7 weeks, because after 7 weeks to change the already formed behavior will not be easy.

It is easiest to accustom the puppy to the toilet when his territory is limited, for example, by a cage or aviary. Expand space is only if you notice that the puppy is used to cope with a need in a certain place.

The basic rules of puppy training to the toilet

As a rule, breeders teach the pet to go "on business" to a newspaper, which is located near his stove or bowl. There is a little trick: when the puppy penned on a newspaper, do not throw it all away, tear off a piece and put it under each new newspaper every day - this will help the baby find his temporary toilet for a smell. There are three basic rules, observance of which will help you to quickly accustom your pet to the toilet:

  1. You can not handle a puppy rudely. In no case can not poke a muzzle in a puddle, aggression has not yet helped in training. If the puppy did not go where you should go, you need to say with a stern voice that you can not, you can bend the puppy's head to the scene of the crime, and then take him to where he should have given up the need.
  2. Punishing a puppy for misconduct should be immediately. If, for example, you woke up in the morning and noticed a pile or a puddle, it's no longer worth swearing, your pet will not understand what exactly you are punishing him for.
  3. Do not forgive the puddle made, especially in your presence. Not having received punishment for his offense, the puppy will never learn to use the toilet, but will consider that writing on the carpet is quite normal and correct.

Как приучить щенка к туалету If you are attentive, then pay attention to the fact that before making your affairs, the puppy performs various characteristic actions, for example: barks, sniffs around the floor, stumbles in one place, abruptly stops accidentally, and starts squatting.

As soon as you notice this behavior, do, some distracting gesture, clap your hands and shout "Fu!" . A sharp sound will distract the puppy and give you time to transfer it to the newspaper. After the pet has done the work in the right place, be sure to praise it, and you can encourage it with some kind of delicacy.

What if I can not train a puppy to the toilet?

As a rule, it is 8-10 days for the puppy to write on the newspaper. What if the puppy does not listen, and repeatedly pisses, for example, on the carpet? To begin with, carefully wash the place of stooling of the puppy, better by some means having a sharp unpleasant smell - this should scare away.

And, if the puppy still does not react, and continues to do his business in the same unsuitable place, then go to meet him, and start putting the newspaper in this place. Currently, there are means by which the pet will quickly get used to the toilet, for example, the spray "Serko". The remedy should be put on newspapers, smelling, the puppy will find it easier to find a toilet. Also you can buy a special tray for dogs, it happens for girls, as well as with a column for boys. Of course, such funds can not be called a panacea, but, at least, they will help you to some extent. Every dog breeder should understand that a small puppy is the same child that you need to watch and take care of.

Как приучить щенка к туалету He can spoil you not only carpets and floor, but also furniture and shoes, so better keep it away for a while somewhere far away, and as soon as the puppy grows up and turns into an adult intelligent dog, then you will return all expensive furniture and carpets on a place. When cleaning carpets, it should be borne in mind that the floor on which the puppy will walk should not be slippery - this can lead to deformation of bones during growth.

Instead, you can just lay an old rug or mat for a while. As soon as all vaccinations are made, and the pet gets a little stronger, it can be taken to the street and taught to celebrate their affairs there. During the first time it is better to withdraw more often - 5-6 times a day, you can for a few minutes. At first try to adjust the party for the time when the puppy should want to go to the toilet, say, after sleeping or feeding.

Do not forget to praise, he must understand from you that he did something right. Approximately to 5-6 months, the puppy is already fully accustomed to doing business on the street, and his home does not consider a small stove, but the whole apartment , and accordingly they try to keep it clean, because cleanliness in dogs is an inborn quality.


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