How to treat lipoma in dogs?

Как лечить липому у собак

Lipoma is a fatty tumor or adipose, which is a fairly common benign tumor in dogs.

Как лечить липому у собак It has a node surrounded by a capsule. The lipoma consists mainly of connective and adipose tissue and has a lobed structure. If the connective tissue predominates, the lipoma has a dense consistency, and with more adipose tissue - soft.

There are also diffuse lipomas, in which there is no connective capsule. Grow Wen slowly, squeezing and pushing the surrounding tissue. Most often this disease affects older dogs with excess weight. Lipoma often has an oval shape with a lobed or smooth surface. It is soft to the touch, painless, with clear contours, but easily movable.

Having reached considerable dimensions, it hangs under the influence of its own weight. Then, in the upper part of the lipoma, blood circulation can be disturbed, and tissues begin to die, there is a risk of infection. Significant growth of the lipoma can squeeze the nerve endings, causing painful sensations in the animal. Wen can appear anywhere in the body where there is fat tissue.

Most often they appear on the abdomen, the surface of the chest or upper limbs. Less common lipomas are found in the internal organs: lung, liver, heart, uterus, organs of the gastrointestinal tract, mammary gland, etc. There are also multiple lipomas (lipomatosis), which can be located symmetrically.

To distinguish a benign lipoma from a malignant tumor - liposarcoma, it is necessary to conduct a histological study. It also repeats after removing the wen.

Lipoma treatment in dogs

To treat a lipoma it is possible only operative by. If the process proceeds locally, then after the removal of the wen, at this point it no longer appears, nor are metastases detected . It is urgent to perform an operation when the lipoma grows very actively and this begins to affect the work of the internal organs, squeezing them.

When it presses on the nerves and causes pain or disrupts the function of the limb. When the surrounding tissues begin to decay because of the sagging lipoma. A dog may have a tendency to form a lump, and new adipose can appear again in different parts of the body.

After the operation, the dog needs care , it needs to treat the seams with an antiseptic and do not allow them to be spilled. With a favorable healing, the sutures are removed on the tenth day. It is quite easy and safe for the health of the animal operation, almost bloodless. After its removal, the surgeon reduces, suturing the cavity formed.


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